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Underwater amazing object



One of the 25 winners of the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2011…

Made with Mandelbulb3D.

At last I made a decent view of the M-set for the famous Theli-at parameters (I think he was the discoverer of this combination) with a few iterations of a scale 1, fold 0.95 amazing box, then repeat from here another formula (here a scale 2 Menger, so basically a plain cube). I started this one from scratch using the technique, not the parameters themselves ;)

All the variations that flourish here on DA are always Julias (typically around 2,0,0). This is the second time a see a full set (the first one was by MANDELWERK Here, we are zooming with a factor 5 around 0,0,2.

I find this fractal particularly rich and beautiful and there are so many places and variations I'd like to explore. Something of a holy grail, with all this 3D fractality, straight lines, spines, spheres and spirals...

Here is a video of this object:…

Large format print shown at Värmlands Museum in Sweden:
Exhibition @ Värmlands museum, Sweden.
19th of may - 2nd October 2012
Link to the museum site about the exhibition:
:iconMANDELWERK: Johan Andersson aka MANDELWERK & :iconbib993: Jérémie Brunet aka bib993
After my 2 solo exhibitions in Paris and a few participations to mathematical art and contemporary art exhibitions, I am happy to announce my first 3D fractal art exhibition in a real museum.
So all of you who happen to pass the city of Karlstad during this period has the chance to see Johan's and my works as big prints.
The museum has also arranged with a number of natural fractals, a large Sierpinski pyramid, 3D printed 3D fractals, videos and more.
I will try to be there on the opening on the 19th of May.
There will also be a press conference at the 18th of May which I will do my best to attend.
See you in Karlstad!

3Dprinted version:
Amazing resurfaced - 3D printed fractal sculpture by bib993

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Oh, really cool!