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Turning around the Beast

Made with Mandelbulb3D
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Beautiful, Love The Alien Terrain Look Of The Image.
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Oh, I forgot to add a "Wow!"-rating with a confused face at the right top, here it is!
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When i first saw 2D fractals my mind was like "WHAAT?!" It didn't even make sense!!
But I just learned to understand 2D fractals and the maths behind it.

However some artist came up with 3D fractals, and makes the viewer move around them in ".gif"-files.
My mind is now like "WHAAT?!"
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Shit son. That is amazing! :iconpinkiegaspplz:
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Thanks a lot!:)
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This makes me head hurt just watching it...but in a good way? .o.
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I don't like favbombing, but I can't help it with these, there's too much awesome *-*
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Takes you into a world where math makes the emotion a vehicle that takes you from the beginning to the end!!

Great Work!
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Thanks a lot for the kind words!
No, Thank you! I downloaded Mandelbulb about a year ago and could not get one two hundred and fiftieths of a result with it that I see in your gallery! So awesome sometimes the words can not surface in my mind! It makes me happy to know that someone on this planet really gets it!
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Thanks! You know, I have been using M3D almost every day for more than 2 years now ;)
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exciting tour! Amazing!
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this hurt my brain hah :)
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