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May 2, 2013
Temple of honor by *bib993
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Temple of honor



My 4th DD, thank you deviants!!

Made with Mandelbulb3D 1.8.9 - using the new volumetric light!
HeightMapIFS + _Rotate + ABoxVaryScale + ABoxModKali

Temple Variants:

Check out my 3D printed fractal sculptures!

How to use Volumetric Lights in Mandelbulb3D? =>
Go into the coloring tab of the main window and click on the "Dyn fog on it" button: it will transform into volumetric light. In the text box next to it, you put the number of the light source you want to use for volumetric (by default it's the 1st one) then you can render the image. If the light direction is not interesting, you can change it using the sliders in the Global Light tab of the light which is selected (make sure that the light in On, and also note that volumetric lighting also works with Positional light, as in the latest image by Kraftwerk). Then you can modify the intensity of the light by playing with the d.Fog sliders in the Lighting window. As a side note, if you use Hard shadows, don't forget to try to tick the "Softer HS" box in the post process window, and try to increase the Radius value. It will blur hard shadow edges for more realistic renders. Hope this helps.
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This is really breathtaking. It has a certain outlandish beauty which just makes me look and look! To even more enhance this work, I'd add a tiny tiny human being treading inside beneath those high waults!

Can't say much about technique as I don't know the programme.


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