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Sunset temple



Made with Mandelbulb3D 1.8.9
MixPinski4 + ABoxVaryScale + ABoxModKali

Previous temples:

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Thanks for the favs!
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Hello there! Review time!

Ive seen some of your art before on DA, and Ive always been intrigued and slightly confused by your sense of building style. Which is just as well in a portrait of abstract surrealism that this drawing portrays. It neither looks like a temple, nor like anything even closely resembling our world. And yet, the eye is trained to the thin and improbable constructs on the bottom, and marvels at the cathedral-like squares that bear away into the heavens... is it a form of temple somewhere else?

The sunset itself does not do much to enhance the intrigue of this piece, but then again, an abstract art style is always meant to guide the mind rather than establish perimeters of reality, and maybe it was meant to do other jobs, though none come readily to mind.

I would say your technique in this respect needs help, as the floor seems to be an unnecessarily detail in the drawing lines of the towers, and the sunset, an element of mundanity compared to the rest of the picture, clashes with the strangeness you have here. Its a confusing struggle between reality and mundanity which I am not sure whether or not is intended.