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Mandelbulb3D Theli-at style Box tutorial

My first "real" Mandelbulb3D tutorial. I'm glad to share it, and I hope you'll be able to use it. Feel free to ask any question.

Please mention the tutorial in any image you will create thanks to it, and post links to the images so I can enjoy your creations too!!

Some example of recent images I did using this method:

Thanks :D
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Mandelbulb3D Theli-at style Box tutorial~ by AnandaAnanda

Thanks for the tut...
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You're welcome :)
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Sadly the smaller (say 480x320) preview doesn't always look the same as the full quality render. Even with all the settings optimized and checked (the post effects). But I am used to that. JWildfire sometimes has the same problem with porting parameters to the renderer.
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Thank you for this tutorial bib993, it is very well explained and now I will experiment :D
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Nice tutorial.  I Learned some things.
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome. Please mention the tutorial when you use it and let know. Thanks!
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That's absolutely a wonderful tut. I am using MB since almost 2 years and to day I learned a lot more . Thanks , et merçi si vous êtes francophone.
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Thank you very much for this tutorial - especially the tip about the ani keyfr (f) button. It streamlines the workflow greatly. I would never have looked at it otherwise having little interest in animations. I'm also glad you pointed out that anti-aliasing was part of the Viewing function -  hadn't seen the tool tip and would not have guessed was tucked away in there. :)
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Cool, please link back to the tut if you use some of these tips in your deviations :)
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Used this in my animation test here [link]
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thx for sharing ;)
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My pleasure :)
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Nice, thanks!
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Always very welcome my friend, i did a few more...[link]
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Very nice, glad you enjoyed the tut :)
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