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Beamed Octahedron - 3D printed fractal

Model made with Mandelbulb3D, voxel slices exported to PNG and converted to OBJ in Fiji, optimized in Meshlab and exported as STL, controlled and repaired in Netfabb and 3D printed at

Get your own copy here

Smaller version, printable in metal:
Bronze fractal octahedral grid by bib993 Beamed Octahedron family by bib993

More 3D fractal prints:
Amazing fractal bulb - 3D print by bib993 Dragon pendant 4cm - 3D printed jewel by bib993 Inverted cathedral - 3D printed fractal by bib993 Hexasphere 2 by bib993
Thanks for the favs!
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I have to say this is so outstanding! You took creativity above and beyond thought and form, and brought it into reality! I love it and found it featured here:

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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This piece is outstanding. You show excellent technique with the 2-D aspect of a photography piece with the 3-D qualities from the Mandelbulb3D on designing a remarkable cubed figure. The vision of this is clear and imaginative. I like how that this shows figure ground relationships with the hand and the cubed figure, the darkend backround, and it also has excellent proportion/scale proprieties. Their is clear indication of texture since it appears that the figurine is of a plastic material and repetition from the series of cubes. From previous works of you (the artist) your voice is defiantly heard and because of that (whether people have seen or are new to your work) it engages the viewer with the visual qualities of the complexity of your work and on how inventive you are with your original ideas. I (the writer) personally love how the piece seems to appear like a cubed world of infinite possibilities using imagination and understanding of geometry. Overall it's of superb quality. Thank you for allowing me to critique your piece. ^_^
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So beautiful, so promising!

Many many " likes (y) "

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Use of Fiji as generator of printable stuff never crossed my mind ;] BTW this one is printed without supports?

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Yes, SLS doesn't need supports, the powder supports.
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That is so cool.
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this hurts my brain
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makes me wanna try 3d print. this is awesome
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It's a bit blurry. Could you get a better picture?
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That sounds possible. May I ask why you request it? Thanks!
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Because I've added to my group.
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If you haven't joined yet, please join the :icon3d-printing: group! We would love for you to submit all your lovely works there.
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Thanks for your invitation :)
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