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My gallery Society6 here >>…

Yeah everybody,
I just opened my account Twitter.

Nice day to all !!! 

For the 10k followers on My Facebook Page, I make a contest for to win
an Art print, 320g, high quality signed. The winner will be able to choose
the print he prefer. To participate you can just write a comment here >>….
this contest will be during one week.
Thanks again to all I'm very so glad for your follow!

pour vous remercier les followers de Ma Page Facebook, j'organise un
petit concours pour gagner une impression d'art 320g signée. Le gagnant
pourra choisir parmi ces quatre impressions, celle qu'il préfère.
Pour participer, c'est facile il vous suffit de commenter le l'image ici >>….
Je tirerai au sort une personne le week-end prochain.

Encore merci à tous !!! 

top>> 18,5"x 11" 47cmx28cm
Owls by bib0un

right>>15,6"x20,4" 39,7cmx52cm
8000 by bib0un

left>>15,6"x20,4" 39,7cmx52cm
6000 by bib0un

bottom>> 15,7"x15,7" 40cmx40cm
Girly Summer 2012 color by bib0un
Hi all,
to begin with, thank you very much for your follow on my deviantPage!!!!

Chronos Conquest Cover by bib0un


The project Chronos Conquest is on "MY MAJOR COMPAGNY"!!!
I have made all illustrations of this board game.
Do not hesitate to participate and SHARE please this page on
Facebook or Twitter for sustain the project.


Enfin, la jauge MY MAJOR COMPAGNY pour Chronos Conquest
est lancé!!!
J'ai réalisé toutes les illustrations, le logo, le maquettage ...
bref, tout les visuels.
Hésitez surtout pas à participer et à partager l'article via 
Facebook ou Twitter pour que le projet puisse se
concrétiser et pourquoi pas, exploser la jauge.

some characters cards ☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲☲

Persephone by bib0un CALYPSO by bib0un Cyclop by bib0un 
Poseidon by bib0un  Chronos Conquest by bib0un   Gaia by bib0un 
Ares by bib0un EOLE by bib0un ARTEMIS by bib0un

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My Page Facebook

Tuto Rough
Tuto Clean
I have made a new part on my website with my work per project. 
here this is my work on Mojow Locow game…

Nice week to all 

My Website
My Page Facebook

Tuto Rough
Tuto Clean
hey this is a week end soon ;)
I have made a galerie tumblr if you interest !!

Biboun's tumblr

Nice week-end to all !!! :)


My Website
My Page Facebook
Tuto Rough
Tuto Clean

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