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gamer mom gf

tfw your cute, caring gamer gf astral projects in her sleep again and her sleep paralysis demon alter form eats all the muffins before traumatizing her son
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Just needs cookies shaped like Screw Attacks or Power Bombs...

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damn that would've been good. There's always next batch!

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I'm still traumatized with that 9 volt minigame. Then again this version will probably be stuck on the tv or something.

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that minigame is amazingly good. I love that it's just a part of her character now and nobody really cares. Diamond city's residents are really open-minded honestly

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5Volt is a top-tier waifu.

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That description is pretty much this year’s best light novel title.

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pretty soon we're gonna get light novels where the title is just the entire story and the whole book is just one gigantic cover

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can she make one shaped like hat from mario

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She almost looks like a younger looking 5-volt

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it is 5 volt lol i just changed the colours a bit because her original outfit makes my eyes bleed

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