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Head of saber-toothed cat
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sooooooooooo perfect and beautifull my friend~
aloha from kauaii
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Very well done
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Amazing work on this! :heart:
Featured here: [link]
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Do you mind if I copy this for an assignment?
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Smilodon,very nice work.I remember that Mauricio Antón drew this ,right?
Smnt2000's avatar
Amazing! Looks a lot like a drawing of Mauricio Anton ;) . Gorgeous
EKBellatrix's avatar
This is easily the best profile head-shot of a Smilodon that I've found on dA. I love your interpretation of the facial structure. It's gorgeous. :]
roarodon07's avatar
Nice on the fur! I would not be able to do that kind of fur texture!
DutchOrca's avatar
Nice drawing, awesome job on the fur!
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Lovely work with the fur!
Very well executed! How did you draw the hair? It is something I am having a LOT of difficulty with.. Thanks in advance for any tips that you can give me! :)
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Amazing work. How big is it?
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Nu vache zashybis. Ne huzhe Mauricio Antona.
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На него и ориентировался. Сам офигел, когда получилось! :D
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Я тут вижу ты уже на расхват:).
Biarmosuchus's avatar
Ну, я бы не спешил с выводами ;)
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Вот тебе дельный совет. Если ты на странице художника нажимаешь "+devianеWATCH" (она вверху;), то тебе будут приходить новые работы этих художников в меню "сообщения" (в самом вверху;).
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УРА! Наконец-то по-русски стало писаться.
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Beautiful ^_^
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woww . super
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