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Prolacerta broomi

Prolacerta broomi, an extinct prolacertiform archosauromorph from the Early Triassic (Lystrosaurus zone) of South Africa. Scale pattern based on the Macrocnemus speciemen with partially preserved skin and ichnogenus Rhynchosauroides.
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How big did those guys get? I´m wondering that in todas age you would think they are just normal lizzards.
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Yep. Not all prehistoric creatures looks monstrous or wierd (e.g. Tyrannosaurus or Hallucigenia). Some of them looks like a 'normal' modern animals.
Prolacerta was about 1 meter in lenght, the average size of modern monitor lizards. But the largest 'prolacertifom' (now protorosaurian) Tanystropheus was up to 6 meters in lenght.
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I think you can see this both ways. For example crocadile have a very primitive form considering that they are many million years old, but we still consider them normal. Maybe it has more to do with what you are used to instead of how weird an animal actually is. 
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I've always wanted to see a reconstruction of Prolacerta itself. Very peculiar creatures, those prolacertiforms, you did a great job at it. :)