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Deviation Actions

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Ownership Terms of Service

By obtaining an official Bianra, you are agreeing to the following terms! Read them, and if you have any questions, note Paper-Rabbit on deviantART.

Purchase Rules
• If you edit / hide your offer in an auction or sale, you will go into the Blacklist
• You will always have 24 hours to pay after claiming a Bianra, otherwise it will go back on sale and you will go into the Blacklist.
• There will be no refunds after a design is bought.

Trading, Gifting and Selling
• You may re-sell your Bianra for the same amount you paid for it.
• Bianra received via trade or as a gift may not be sold.
• Co-owning is not allowed.
• Please leave a note on the "Bianra Master List" if there is a change in ownership so we can keep track.

• MYO (Make Your Own) slots can be purchased or obtained from paper-rabbit through events.
• Bought MYO slots do not expire, unless stated otherwise at the time it was obtained.
• Bought MYO slots may be gifted but not sold or traded.
• You may commission someone else to design your MYO Bianra.
• Bianra based on copyrighted characters are forbidden.

Editing a Design
• You may make minor edits on the colors and patterns, but you can't change traits.
• You may also change a Bianra's "hairstyle" if they have hair-like fur.
• Short haired Bianra do not have hairstyles to change.

• If you are ever put on the blacklist you will not be allowed to participate in future Bianra related events, the Bianra group, or obtain any more Bianra.
• However, you do get to keep any already bought designs.

On the Bianra Species
• Paper-Rabbit at DA, retains ownership and rights to the Bianra species.
• You are not allowed to make more Bianra without Paper-Rabbit's permission.

T.O.S may change without previous warning. However, announcements will be made through the Bianra group if any big changes happen.
© 2016 - 2021 Bianra
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Spicy-Leaves's avatar
How does ( warning for awkward question lol ) reproduction work? Ex. with the recessive traits and offspring ?
Paper-Rabbit's avatar
You mean for the royal gene?
Paper-Rabbit's avatar
It works sort of like the merle gene on dogs. Which us why you have a better chance of getting a true royal from mixing a royal or a recessive with a standard, rather than another one with the gene obviously showing. 
Spicy-Leaves's avatar
Ah okay! How much would breeding be?
Paper-Rabbit's avatar
I owe you that one :'D, I don't remember right now last year's price rate. However I do post a journal a few weeks before breeding season starts :heart:
Spicy-Leaves's avatar
Okay! Thanks ;;u;;
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