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TouhouCosplay : Sakuya Izayoi

My submission for the :icontouhoucosplay: contest found here [link]

I love Sakuya, and the outfit she has in Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony is pretty awesome. I put a lot of time and effort into this outfit with the detail painting I did. Overall, I am very happy with how it turned out. It's become my new favorite costume~
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Aug 25, 2010, 4:38:24 PM
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Her outfit doesn't look like Sakuya's. She's like Sakuya only on the hair color and the fact that she's dressed as a maid
its a cosplay based on Sakuya's character design in the doujin game Touhouvania (a fan made mashup game ala old school castlevania) a sample image

or just google or youtube it its an insanely difficult castlevania with a spoonful of bullethell goodness
Ask-Yoko's avatar
You did the outfit by yourself? o.o Wow, great job! :D
underxworld666's avatar
One of the best cosplay you've done. Love it~ White hair looks very good on you. You have a cool, elegant, and a hint of seductive air around you. 
ClarisTheExorcist's avatar
This cosplay is amazing... It should win an award or something....
WatcherCCG's avatar
Ya look fantastic!
OmiArtWarrior's avatar
AmericanPatriot2011's avatar
Your Sakuya cosplay is EPIC! :dance:
Barricade's avatar
To use the Firefly/Serenity quote:

I'll be in my bun...*knifed*
tsdZero's avatar
Wait...SAKUYA'S REAL!?'s just a very very very good cosplay of her. Damn...had me convinced for a sec.
CiociaRania's avatar
Awesowe cosplay! :D:D
VelvettBlue's avatar
still the best touhou cosplay because your looks fit together with the outfit perfectly, thats what makes it convincing X3

BTW: if i hire you will you bring me tea in the afternoon and knife-kill the burglars at night XDDDD
Bianka's avatar
I'll also keep ghost youkai from eating you out of house and home.
VelvettBlue's avatar
brilliant X3 you're hired! XD
arashi-kawaiiazn's avatar
ohmaiigosh! awshum!! :D
EnchantedCupcake's avatar
Were you the Sakuya in Acksonl's vidoe? o:
Bianka's avatar
The one from the "California Cosplay" one, yes. The one from Fanime is a friend of mine.
EnchantedCupcake's avatar
Thought so xD You can really hula-hoop! Hahaha.
GuardianPat's avatar
Wow very nice cosplay.

Sakuya is also playable in Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem
Bianka's avatar
Thank you! I enjoyed the second game's gameplay as compared to the first one.
Setzeri's avatar
I just played the second Koumajou Densetsu-game and wondered if there's actually good Sakuya-cosplay out there.
What a coincidence to meet you again, beautiful work on this one!
Bianka's avatar
Thank you! Did you the second better than the first?
Setzeri's avatar
Yes, the second one is pretty much better than the original.
Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, where are these photos taken? The cups and other furnitures look really dandy.
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