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Princess Luna

Hey guys! Just wanted to post this before going to sleep *yawn* 
So today my teacher took the whole class to the museum and i felt inspired to fisish this since it was through my unfinished drawings for a while.I really had fun drawing her wings and i'm pretty proud of myself right now since this is the first time i try to draw the night sky I am a dummy! 
Now I'm supposed to say how I see her in my headcanon (Headcanon?? Thats how you call it ??) SO....I see her a bit taller than in the show, but still a little shorter than Celestia,stronger than Celestian when it comes to physical force (In other words Celly know stronger spells and magic stuff than Luna but Luna can kick your ass pretty bad).Aaaaaand about Noghtmare Moon,in my headcanon they both have ''nihtmare' forms but they can conrtol them and when Luna was banished to the Moon she couldn't control it anymore because she was angry...something like that CURSE YOU!  About the scar on her neck...she got it from Celestia before she was banished but she usually hides it so her sister ouldn't feel guilty Meow :3 
Well..that's it.I hope you like it I think I've fainted. 
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i like how you used some of Earthsong's headcanon and some of your own as well, she's beautiful
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I really like the half bat and peagsus wings.
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Thank you! :3
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Whooooooooah. It's beautiful... especially her wings!
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Thank you very much :happybounce: Hug 
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Very impressive. I love your head canon.
And your depiction of Tiberius.
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Thank you very much :3
I really had fun with im,he's a sweetheart I am a dummy! 
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 "...and when she flew, the entire night sky lifted up her wings in glory."

I never saw anyone put stars in her wings before, great idea!
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Thank you so much it means a ton Hug 
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Thou art most welcome.  Even at this low resolution, i see a hint of a dragon's slit-eyed pupil, and I just adore the cute little fang she's showing...
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thank youu again :happybounce: 
And the ''low resolution'' is kinda my fault because at frst i wanted to be colored just with coloued pencils but then i realised that the wings and mane would look better paited so the paper got all folded because of the water and yeah..I should've used a thicker paper...Waaaah! 
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life is but learning...
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Really cool depiction of Luna! I really like the bat-like wings of hers, while still being feathered!
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Awww thank you very much Hug 
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