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Published: October 28, 2007
© 2007 - 2019 biag
These tutorials are not creations of Biag or any of his affiliating watchers.
These were picled off the internet and put into a list so that you can use it.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Photoshop $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
- Drawing Humans/angels
Anime Faces; [link]
Angel Wings: [link]
Wings; [link]
Hair: [link]
Hair Colour; [link]
Clothes; [link]
Hands; [link]
Feet; [link]
Facial Expressions; [link]
Flexing muscles; [link]

- Drawing animals
Basic Animal Anatomy: [link]
Birds; [link]
Fur; [link]
Fur and eye; [link]
Dragon wings; [link]
Wolves; [link]
Fur (wolves); [link]
Wolf eyes; [link]
Dragons; [link]
HORSES; [link]
Turtles: [link]

- Vector/Vexel
Vector 1; [link]
Vector 2; [link]
Vector 3 (apple); [link]
REalistic HUMAN; [link]
Car: [link]
IPOD; [link]
City SCAPE; [link]
Fruit; [link]
Cars; [link]
Carbon Fibre; [link]
VExel; [link]

- Web Skinning
Slicing in Photoshop; [link]
Slicing in phothsop2; [link]
WEb hosting skin; [link]
Attractive Portfolio; [link]
Orange Blog; [link]
Vista style splash; [link]
Easy Portfolio; [link]
Outback Portfolio; [link]
Red Clan Layout; [link]

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Pixel Art - beginners $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Isometry; [link]
The basics; [link]
Easy face; [link]
BIG TUT; [link]
Dithering; [link]
Beach Shack; [link]

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Pixel Art - Experts $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
BIG TUT; [link]
Anti Aliasing; [link]
Way of the pixel; [link] :50
Gas13's tuts; [link]
Grids, Blocks and slopes; [link]
Beack Shack; [link]

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ PHotography $$$$$$$$$$
Depth of Field; [link]
Composition; [link]

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Terragen $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
(Terragen is a 3d landscape program that you can download for free. Try searching Google.)
Newbie Tut; [link]
Basic Landscape; [link]
Beach; [link]
Waterfall; [link]
Clouds; [link]
Sunset; [link]
Atmosphere; [link]
Textures; [link]
Fog and Sandstorm; [link]
Flat landscapes; [link]
Sunray tut; [link]
Snow; [link]
Fire sky; [link]
Cores; [link]
Falling Sky; [link]

- Terragen and Space
ULtimate Sig tut; [link]
Planet; [link]
Planet texture; [link]
Planer Rings; [link]
Ultimate Space; [link]
Impace tutorial; [link]
Asteroids; [link]
Star Field; [link]

$$$$$$$$$ Deviant Art tutorials $$$$$$$
How to be a helpful critique; [link]
Photography Critiqueing; [link]
Good Critique and comments; [link]
Commenting and accepting comments; [link]
How to get noticed; [link]
Pageviews and popularity; [link]

######## JOurnal CSS #########
Tut+template; [link]
Css ; [link]
001 ; [link]
Content Box; [link]
Journal parts; [link]
Css Journal tut; [link]
Menu System; [link]
Cursors; [link]

######## Dev Id Tutorials #######
Pixel Id; [link]

######### Help and faq ######
Trouble changing avatar or icon? ; [link]

Count; 95 tutorials.
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How can I print it?
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Thank you, you are awasome for this! 
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vaniapaivaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the links.:hug:
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adrianmontiHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for this page, it helps me develop my skills.
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DrawWithLauraStudent Digital Artist
The second link for flexing muscles is a "how to draw with a mouse" tutorial . ^.
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eyatOsStudent Interface Designer
Thanks i will download it for the future reference
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Woah, thank you for putting all these together.
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PortretforyouProfessional Traditional Artist
thx for the links...
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Like Martin Luther's 95 theses! Okay, sorry I just finished the Renaissance unit in history.
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holy shit thank you so much! My only complaint is that I didn't find this sooner!
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Awesum74Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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omg thx so much i gotta practice!
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I would like if someone would post a tutorial for drawing cars. My car draws are ok but I would like to take them to another level. Sometimes I lose myself on perspective when I'm creating original designs :\
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MourantLuneHobbyist General Artist
You should take a look at :iconfoervraengd:'s Understanding Anatomy tutorials, they're absolutely amazing!
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Thank you very much. I actually began to get into drawing three weeks ago, and actually downloaded a bunch of that person's anatomy tutorials! One step ahead of you! Thanks for this!
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MourantLuneHobbyist General Artist
No problem!
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juliagraham General Artist
Thankyou :D
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unicornomics General Artist
You should add this one for anyone who wants to explore different body types [link]
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AJInu-OkamiStudent Artist
Thanks :)
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