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January requests are open!

Sat Jan 19, 2019, 5:55 PM

I'm opening up for two head-shot requests.
They will most likely be simple head shots depending on how I'm feeling. I genuinely do like drawing other peoples characters and I don't feel comfortable enough to try taking commissions at the moment so...requests it is for now. I plan on doing this here and on my twitter. 

These are not going to be first come first served. Depending on how much attention this gets I plan on using a random generator thing to pick who I'm going to draw. 
So if you don't get picked then there's always next month. 

Summer treats by BI0TERR0R
I plan on doing something like this. 

Post your characters below. 
You must be watching me.
//Following my twitter gives you bonus points. -
Making a journal about this also gives you bonus points. 

so why do i not have my core still? ???
usually this shit doesn't take this long to come off of my card. 

Venting -

Sun Jan 6, 2019, 2:01 PM
I just. 
I feel really...I really miss having like a small following on here. I miss the old days of DA. I really don't get much of anyone to interact with my art. I know a lot of how you get people to notice you is reaching out and taking part in communities and stuff but it's just...I work so much and I never really know what to say to people. 

I appreciate every fave and everything but I just wish I could go back to having like a small amount of people who would comment every now and then. 

This year has been rough. (family/animal death)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2018, 10:15 AM

(Mention of family member loss below (Both human and animal) just sayin'.) 

A lot has happened and very little of it has been very good. 
One of my uncles passed away in January, he had a lot of health issues and wasn't very good at taking care of the issues that he had. He was getting worse and worse,
and it was hard to watch him continue to not try and better himself. Not really sure what to say about this one...It was rough, but I kinda saw it coming. Didn't make saying goodbye pleasant or easy, I mean...But I was much more mentally prepared for this one I guess...He was the reason that I got into things like marvel and dc comics back when I was little. He got me into a lot of animation as well. He also got me into star wars and tried to get me into star trek but...four year old me thought that shit was boring.  He was a great artist, very talented on many levels. that he's gone. 
He was really looking forward to Black Panther specifically, and infinity war. I've seen black panther twice for him, and also because it was really good. 
I remember him talking about thanos and all that after we went to go see the avengers, infinity war was something he was really looking forward to.

I left my retail job after months and months of plotting to do so. My mom had worked at the same place for ten years and they fired her three weeks before Christmas on shitty grounds. Didn't even recognize her for being there for a fucking decade whenever her anniversary came up. I worked there for two years, and put my two weeks notice in. They proceeded to not even call me to tell me they didn't need me to come in multiple nights in a row, I would show up and they would immediately turn back around and leave because they didn't need me. I worked the shoe department and it was fucking awful. 

Most recently my cat, Bruce, had thrown a clot in his leg. He had been jumping up and onto the desk and didn't make it all of the way because a chair was in his way. He couldn't pull himself onto the desk fully and his legs were caught in the back of the wooden chair...He couldn't move either one of them, so we took him to an emergency vet since this was at like...11:00 at night. So we get him there, get the x-rays taken and such, and are told that he has a clot in the back of the legs. Which is what they suspected at first, due to his not being able to move or feel either of his legs and his temperature dropping drastically. The outcome for him wasn't very good, recovery wasn't likely as he was almost certain to throw another clot the same day. And even if that didn't happen, he could also have had heart problems because of the clot. I've never had to put down a cat, and I was very attached to Bruce. 
We rescued him from being destroyed in a shelter. They were almost desperate to get rid of him, because he was so close to being put down. He was a bombay cat, and he had a little crooked tail. He was four when we got him. We had lost an older black cat due to old age earlier the same year, and he looked just like Midnight. He was a very sweet boy, he always purred and was very playful. 
I was very attached to him. And I wasn't ready to lose him in any sense. I was a fucking pitiful mess when they told us our options, and how grim they were. I couldn't have let him suffer. Knowing that he was in pain killed me. 

And then I got shit on by my hotel job for calling out. I had a panic attack and I felt sick all fucking day. I hadn't been able to stop crying until 3 am. 

Also I had started my other job the night he had been put down. I had been feeling so confident that night that maybe things were going to actually get better and then that fucking happened. 

I want to draw something proper for Bruce, but it's going to take a while. I might post a few pictures of him in my gallery, dunno. 

I still have two cats, one has been with me since middle school and the other is turning ten this year. They're both getting to be old ladies (one already is) but, yeh. Still planning to adopt another little black cat whenever I feel it's time and everything has settled. 


Journal Entry: Mon Nov 6, 2017, 8:45 PM

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Spoopy stories: My talking Barney

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 23, 2017, 5:07 PM
I'm making this journal mostly because I want to. I've had the idea for a while to type out unsettling stuff that I really think is unsettling or really was unsettling throughout my life. 
There may be a lot that was not/is not paranormal. but I do believe in the paranormal. I don't fall for the "And then there were ghosts and they were really mean and they took my cat and turned it inside out and then suddenly everything was okay." Type of bullshit stories. People can believe what they want within reason, and if you choose to read this I personally don't care if you do or do not believe me. 

I might break this up a little bit. 

On my fourth birthday, I got one of those talking Barney dolls. One where you would squeeze his hand and he would tell you some generic lines from the show. I was obsessed, and I wanted Barney to talk to me as much as he possibly could. You know, the typical four-year-old reasoning of having to be as annoying as possible. Barney quickly wore out one day, and still typical four-year-old reasoning I figured that maybe he needed to sleep. So I put him up with my other toys and left him alone for the day.
I remember that sometimes you would have to squeeze the little box in his hand a little hard to get him to talk. So maybe all this next part is up to the usual it was defective/the batteries were low explanation. Toys could be kind of unstable. 
So that night, I'm asleep and Barney starts talking to me. The usual generic stuff, but doesn't sound like his batteries had been wearing down at all that day. At first, I remember being happy that Barney was feeling better, I remember talking back to him like normal. Even though I had memorized his little cycle, I always liked pretending like I was having an actual conversation with him. (I didn't have any brothers or sisters and the house I was in didn't have a whole lot of neighbor kids around. Like literally zero honestly.) Anyway, at some point I realized that Barney was saying stuff out of order. I can't for the life of me remember what all he said, or at least not the generic "I love you, you love me" Lines. 
About this time I was really trying my best to get to sleep, also, even though Barney decided to keep going off. I remember getting annoyed and telling Barney that it was bed time. 
He didn't say like one line after the other, it always seemed to be right when I was drifting off. 
Then, at some point he said something along the lines of "I - - You." Which had to be the "I love you." But it would be "I -- You, I -- You" not repeatedly, not on some endless loop, and not any quicker than he was talking to me before. Suddenly I wasn't as comfortable with Barney talking to me, so I ran out of the room to get my parents. I didn't even want to go over and pick him up. 
I remember they had to take the batteries out of him, but I can't remember if he was back to repeating the normal things. I just know that I didn't want Barney back in my room. 
And as these sorts of stories usually go, my parents both told me later that Barney kept talking even with his batteries out and the little voice box off. But that part is bullshit.



I'll post more some other night. 

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I can't pay much attention to DA right now because of jobs and things. Yeh.

So I finally quit

Thu Jul 20, 2017, 1:48 PM
I had a shitty job for about four years at a fast food place. It didn't start out so bad, it was always a job. It was never 'hard' but I always saw people come and go. Before I had this job it felt like I had the worst time finding a job, so I had clung to it because I didn't know if it would be as difficult to find somewhere to replace it with. 

For a while things were good. We were still part of corporate, so they kept things pretty bearable. I went through seven general managers while I was working there. One moved to another store, one was caught stealing from the safe, one got another store to manage, one was a piece of shit that lasted a whole fucking year. And during this point, we were being bought by a franchise, so that was pretty awful.

The store I worked out was pretty old and needed a lot of fixing up at the time of being bought out. The franchise people that bought it never really gave a shit about fixing anything. I mean, there would be half ass repairs and shit done, but none of it would really be reliable for long. 
The biggest and worst mistake was handing that store over to franchise people. But I guess in the long run it was better for the corporate people because they didn't have to worry about that moldy old store anymore. 
For a while, the franchise folks were not that bad. They were in and out and didn't really seem to care much about the people working in the kitchen. 
In the summers, it got really really hot in the kitchen. Last year I remember it feeling like it was getting worse and worse. This summer was awful, and it looked like the ceiling was about to give out over where we would cook. Several of us mentioned this to the district manager, who was a huge utter piece of garbage, and he would always shrug it off and tell us not to worry about it. Oh, and that it wasn't 'that hot' and we were over reacting. It didn't really help that the air conditioning did not work in the kitchen, and they did not seem to care about ever getting it fixed. I can only imagine that the wiring and shit would require a lot more work than those assholes ever thought that place was worth. And there's no telling what they would find up there in the ceiling, I can only say that it did not look good. 

Lemme go back to the district manager tho. I'll call him Mr.Krabs, and not just because he was very obviously a penny pincher. But he was also a fucking nut scratcher. He would walk around and scratch his nuts, and then fucking extend his hand toward you and expect you to shake it if you were new. He would jump on people over the simplest little things, and he would raise hell about it and not act professional at all. I wish I could make this shit up, but I remember him yelling at a pregnant woman who could not lift something, because she was fucking pregnant, and making her cry. He made so many people quit that store. There were other claims of him doing stuff that I never saw, but I could believe. And he never got any shit for the garbage he did, no matter how many times we called. It didn't help that the HR there turned out to be the franchise owner, and talking to him was like talking to a brick wall. 

Anyway, Mr.Krabs claimed that he really liked me. He liked me even though I had "the worst attitude" out of "anyone in the store" and that I could "Do so much better if I didn't work two jobs". He liked me enough to offer me a whole dollar raise back in October. At this point, I had been working at this store for three - going on four - years and I was only making 9.00 an hour. I could cook, I could go up front and take orders, I could take money, I could hand orders out without fucking handing the wrong shit out to people. I could go over to drive through and talk to assholes on the headset. I could go and fucking throw the food out the window at them too. All for 9.00 an hour.  :) :) :) 
Anyway, I gave mr.krabs some bullshit about having another job lined up that was going to give me 10.00 an hour. He told me he could match that because I was, at the time, 'too valuable to lose'.

So I decide to stay. Because I was an idiot. Because I was not done letting these assholes walk on me, and use me. 
So, months came and went, and Mr.Krabs would tell me that 'oh yeah I put in for your raise, so and so just has to approve it'. 
This went on until about June. And I let it go on. 
I don't know why I thought that I could call someone. Maybe get some compensation for working all those months without the raise that I was supposed to have. 
It took two more gm's, and another gm from another fucking store to come in and finally push harder for the raise. I could never get ahold of the franchise owner to speak to him about it, and I know that I should have quit. 

So we lost another general manager, and the most recent one decided that I had to be evaluated before she would speak to the franchise owner about my raise. When she showed me the evaluation, I had gotten mostly ones and twos on my form. Which was very surprising to me, considering how much they seemed to have depended on me working there for them up until that point!
She told me that she lied to the franchise owner about a few things so that he would still give me the raise. She made it sound like she was doing me some huge amazing favor. She had the nerve to tell me flat out that I 'didn't do anything' when I was there. 
Mr.Krabs told me that I would have to 'start doing more' if I ever wanted to get another raise. 
I have opened for these people, I have closed for these people. I have prepped produce and meat for them. I have gone above and beyond my own job, and fixed shit the lazy ass night crew left behind for the morning/daytime people. 

The only thing that I could have possibly done to 'do more' for them was to quit my second job, which I still have. 
They seemed to think that I worked two jobs for shits and giggles. 
Another thing about the second job is that I work late on the weekends. The second job does not close until 11 on the weekends, and they close at 10 on weeknights. I had been coming in at 8 - 8:30 for the past four years, except for when specific arrangements were made to have me come in earlier or to close. Now, when I came in later or earlier, the manager was always decent enough to speak to me about it before hand. 

So, I finally did get my raise. And I was told that it could 'be taken away from me' almost immediately after I had gotten it. 

One week I was scheduled to start coming in at 3:30 in the morning out of the blue. With my working late I think it's pretty obvious that I am not going to do that shit. Especially because it was going to be for something I did not know how to do, and I was going to be going into it blind and with no training or anyone to help me. And then I would have been bitched at about it whenever the GM did arrive, hours and hours later. 
So, needless to say, that shit did not fly. 

And then suddenly I started being scheduled every day 6 am to 2 pm. When I asked why all of the sudden my availability was being ignored, I was told that was when I was needed and if I didn't like it I didn't have to work there. This was right after I started to get my raise. 
I hung on for a little longer. I was looking for other jobs to work in the morning time. I have something lined up now, that will actually listen to my availability and work with me if I'm willing to work with them. I get that availability should be flexible, but my huge issue was that I was not respected enough to even be asked if I could come in earlier. I would have been so much more willing to work with them if they had been decent enough to speak with me about the schedule, instead of just, you know, deciding that was ok. And telling me that 'we all have to do stuff we don't want to do' 'we all have our issues' 'we all have other stuff we want to be doing.' Like at this point in my life I wasn't 26 and I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. They spoke to me like I was a child. 

Now one day I was late for a 6am shift. I was told to turn around and go back home for being five minutes late. Ironically enough, this new GM is hours and hours late. One day last week, when I showed up for my shift at 6AM we were not even open. We were supposed to open three hours before hand. Because she was not there. But that's ok, because she's the GM, right?

I did manage to turn a two-week notice in, and I did work through that. I don't know how I fucking managed, but I did. I start my new job on Monday. I've spent two hours writing this I think. I think I'm done. 

Ohh boy DA.

Fri Jun 30, 2017, 3:59 PM
I can't even claim to be surprised anymore with how lazy these admins can be with answering support tickets.

A few months ago in April, I submitted a ticket on an underaged user who was lying about their age. The age on their DA profile thing said that they were 18, but on their 'about me' it said that they were 13. I know that they just did that so that they could see mature artwork because they faved one of my mature pieces.

Perdy sure that's illegal, DA, especially if they are looking at stuff that isn't related to gore. But of course, the best admin handled my ticket by, what I assume was not even looking at my case, and marking it as resolved with no comment. 
If you've been here for a while I bet you can guess who that was. 

Anyway I'm gon do a list thing also for something. 

Sandile, Mienfoo, Steenee, Yungoos, Machop, Cranidos, Maractus, Mudkip, Rowlet, Ralts, Archen, Flaaffy, Mareep, Victreebel and Mega Alakazam. 

Re-draw second gen starters. Re-draw bannette. 

Focusing on the 'mons this month. Lets see how much I don't upload.


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 6:29 PM

This was supposed to be a journal

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 11:31 AM
I was tagged to do this and I do plan on drawing these at some point so might as well. o u o

They did six so I'll also do six, because yeah. Reasons. 

Gen one:
1.)Charmander - Charmander   2.) Pikachu - Pikachu
3.) NidokingNidoking     4.) Clefable - Clefable
5.)Arcanine-  Arcanine     6.) Gengar   - Gengar

(I also really like Ninetales, Meowth/Persian and the Dragonite line ;v; Mewtwo/mew are also my favorite legendarys I love eevee and all the evolutions of it (from this gen too but they would take up too much room on the list. Fossils are pretty cool too. And Magikarp.
I also love all of the starters but the charmander line is my fave. 

I've played through these games since gen one and yeh. Lived through the craze. Kinda miss that lmao. ) 

Gen two: 
1.) TotodileTotodile    2.) AriadosAriados
3.) MareepMareep      4.) UmbreonUmbreon
5.) HoundoomHoundoom    6.) MurkrowMurkrow

( Again I liked all of the starters from this gen. I just think Totodile is cute. MisdreavusScizor,
Heracross,Sneasel,Octillery,Larvitar,Gligar,Noctowl and Furret arre also some of my faves. I remember liking Granbull back in the day but I don't really care for the typing now. I still kinda like the design tho. I like all of the legendaries and I especially love the legendary beasts.) 

Gen Three: 
1.) MudkipMudkip    2.) MightyenaMightyena
3.) GardevoirGardevoir 4.) Skitty-Skitty
5.) BanetteBanette   6.) AbsolAbsol

( Still like all of the starters. Mudkip and its line has to be my favorite of all of them tho. I really liked gen three, despite what a lot of people like to think about it. I loved the music and the region and to me it felt like there was a lot to explore, but that was because I used to go really slow. This ties with gen two as being my fave gen. I was kinda disappointed with how the remakes turned out because I always imagined them being so much better. But I did really like Maxxie in the remakes. ;v; 
There are very few from this gen that I don't care for.) 

Gen four: 
1.) StarlyStarly   2.) ShinxShinx
3.) BuizelBuizel   4.) GarchompGarchomp
5.) FroslassFroslass 6.) GiratinaGiratina
(The starters weren't awful but I can't say that I prefer any of them to the wild 'mons. I replaced the starter with a legendary because I love Giratina they are perfect. I would love to see another ghost/dragon anything. I didn't care for the eeveelutions this time around.
I hope that whenever they re-make this game that they add onto the underground. I liked digging for stuff. ) 

Gen five: 
1.) LillipupLillipup  2.) DrilburDrilbur
3.) ScolipedeScolipede 4.) ScraftyScrafty
5.) CofagrigusCofagrigus6.) ZoroarkZoroark
(I named the pig bacon and threw it into a box. 
This is the gen I tend to forget about the most. They weren't awful but I didn't really care for them all that much. Although I really think that I might have enjoyed bw2 more. I have recently really grown to like Lillipup and its line because of my dog Bushie dying of old age. He was a yorkie. )

Gen 6: 
1.) GreninjaGreninja  2.) TalonflameTalonflame
3.) EspurrEspurr    4.) AegislashAegislash
5.) Tyrantrum - Tyrantrum 6.) NoivernNoivern
( I'm tired and gen 6 was pretty cool.👍)

Gen 7: 
1.)Torracat-Torracat    2.) ToucannonToucannon
3.) MareanieMareanie 4.) Araquanid - Araquanid
5.) LurantisLurantis 6.) MimikyuMimikyu
(also pretty cool. I love them all beside the lipstick fish.) 

Fucking customers and shit

Thu Mar 2, 2017, 10:22 PM
Comin' into places and touching shit when they don't need to be touching shit. 
Throwing shit on the ground. 
Having their children roll around in shit and walk off and leave that shit soaking into the fucking carpet. 

How do people become so fucking terrible whenever they become customers? 
Or they're just fucking terrible in general? 

Like I have been working retail for a year now and that shit still gets to me. I work in the shoe department and it's fucking terrible and I hate it. But it wouldn't be quite as fucking bad if people didn't have to throw shoes around and leave trash all over the floor and take shoes out of boxes and walk off to the fucking fitting rooms with their little stupid outfits they aren't going to buy and see how they look with the shoes on. 

I have to clean up the same god damn shit every fucking day because people cannot function properly when they are trying shoes on.
Especially fucking women.
Especially fucking women who bring their god damn children in and then go off and fucking throw shit all over the god damn kids side of the department and set a fucking example for their screaming brats to be a total shit fuck when they grow up. 

Like it takes literally two fucking seconds to put the shoes back into the box.
You don't have to be that extra special person and get up and put them back on the shelf because I know thats fucking difficult for stupid people but come on. 

If you can't respect the people who have to put up with your stupid bullshit you can at least not make the fucking searching for shoes difficult for the next person that comes through?

And I don't know how you assholes come through five minutes before close and decide to act like you have all god damn day to look at fucking clearance shoes and you aren't fucking anxious or feeling terrible about it? 
I mean I know working people have a hard time working things into their schedules but most of the time its clearly not someone who has been working all day. It's some stupid white bitch with her children screaming and wanting to go home. 
And you don't need any fucking help because you're just browsing at 9:59 and the store closes at 10:00. 
But after the store closes you wan't to know if something comes in another fucking sizeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

god i just wish more people would learn to not treat retail/fast food people like utter garbage. my parents were retail people when i was growing up so they taught me early on that doing stupid shit in any sort of store is fucking bullshit. because real actual fucking people have to put up with it. 

So I put my two week notice in

Thu Sep 8, 2016, 12:24 PM

for the job that I've had the past three years. I've wanted to do this for a while, but I've never felt like I've had stable enough footing to do so. Last year when I got my second job I wasn't sure that I would be kept on there. It's almost been a year that I've worked there, and I've already made sure that I'll get enough hours whenever I do leave my first job. They were happy that I would be coming there more often. 

I know that I haven't been happy with a lot of things for months, both to do with the job and to not do with the jobs. Fast food jobs are really hectic, there's a lot of childish people that get on there, and people that just flat out make simple things really difficult. 

I haven't had a vacation in over a year - I was told I'm able to take a vacation at any time but because I was cut back in hours for the demand of my second job, I do not make enough hours to get a paid vacation anymore. I don't know how legal this is, as I've been there for going on four years now.

Granted that whenever I started working at this place they were part of the main chain, now they're a franchise, and I guess the changing of hands on how things are supposed to work meant that people that have seniority lost that or something in other. 
I haven't gone looking into it, but people I've talked to have told me that it isn't legal, but I just feel that if that's true then it would be too much of a headache for me to peruse anything. 

I haven't gotten a raise in a year either. 
I've been fucked over on that aspect several times. 
And those several times I've just let these people piss on me, talk down to me, and blame me for things that are not my fault. 
I've been one of the few to stay when we had all of the front line people walk out one day. I was promised a raise then, and never got it. 
That was at the start of the year. 

i'll probably rant more later it feels good to get shit off of my chest ;x;

ive been on here 10 years

Wed Sep 7, 2016, 10:40 AM

and i still hardly get any feed back

feels good

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hey pals

Tue Jul 12, 2016, 8:15 PM

i've gotten a few new watchers recently and i'm not really the type to go and spam peoples pages with thanks, but i also feel the need to say thank you. 

i'm not the most confident person when it comes to my art. i've been trying some new things recently, but yeah. i'm trying to not make my gallery look so bland, but i work two jobs and so i don't really have a whole lot of time to dedicate to my art right now. 
(it's likely going to get a lot worse over the next few months because retail and christmas hell)

anyway it means a lot to me that people want to see my garbage in their inboxes and stuff so thank you. c: 

i don't mind critique or red line at all. you are more than welcome to tear my stuff apart and tell me how you think i can improve. it would really help me out a lot, honestly, and i would appreciate it a ton. 

i also do requests and things, so if you have some feral ocs you can send them to me via note. (just don't expect them to be done any time soon. i'm slow when it comes to these sorts of things) 

youtube - i post speed paints and other things here some times
instagram i try and keep this updated with drawings and things. a lot of sketches might not even be finished and posted here that i post there. so there's that. 
i'm working on starting my art tumblr back up but instagram is easiest to keep updated with stuff so.

im also really fucking ready for it to be halloween. 

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on my art and not be completely exhausted to the point that all I want to do with my off time is scream and play vijya games. 

I have so much stuff just sitting waiting to be lined and colored. 

At least this is better than the past two or three years where I could hardly be motivated to draw for different reasons. 

Also I think it's hilarious that the next wave of 'anti-sjw' bullshit is to be a rabid Trump supporter. 
And I mean hilarious as in the same way it's really sad.
But most of them are 'edge lord 666' 13 year old tumblr users. 

What can you do but humor them and hope that one day that they'll actually advance past a grade school level of intelligence ? 
I mean my grown ass could ignore them but where's the fun in that. 

So I might become a manager.

Thu May 12, 2016, 1:07 PM
The idea was brought up weeks ago but yeah. 
Dunno how I feel about it I've been at this place for 3 years now and have been offered the same before...But I didn't want to take the position then because the GM at the time knew nothing about what the fuck she was doing. 

The restaurant is still fucking hectic and we've been getting a surplus of asshats on a daily bases. 
Gona talk about it tomorrow.

Might be quiting the second job I've got because I don't think they take me very seriously or really want to work with me on scheduling. 
I'm just dreading the idea of becoming the only closing manager because as soon as I'm trained I'm sure the closing manager now will want to be a day time manager. 


nuzlocke thing

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2016, 9:33 PM
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hi i'm doing a nuzlocke thing in pokemans and i'ma draw some stuff for it eventually so i'ma post my rules here cause i'm not sure if i'm doing an official one or not but i don't really like the official ones so fuck those bitches

1.) all obtained pokemon must come from wondertrade or in game events
2.) once dead the pokemon must be sent to the wonder trade
3.) pokemon cannot be 10 level above highest leveled pokemon on team. if it is it must be sent back into wonder trade.
4.) no repeat of dead pokemon allowed on team. 
5.) no legendary pokemon allowed on team 
6.) evolution stones/ evolution trades allowed
7.) items allowed to be purchased only after fourth badge. 
8.) switching out of wild battles isn't allowed. switching with trainers/leaders is. 
9.) one mega-evolution capable pokemon allowed

that's all i've got so far.

if/when i do this again my rules might change

right now i have two badges and my team is
gyarados - level 21 - splash, tackle, bite
gloom - level 35 - mega drain, sleep powder, acid, lucky chant
eevee - level 23 - charm, bite, wish, curse
litwick - level 36 - flame burst, will-o-wisp, night shade, hex
klefki - level 36 - foul play, fairy wind, draining kiss, spikes
tauros - level 1 - tackle 

dead pokemon are: dodrio, bagon, ralts, pelipper, goomy, zigzagoon. 

Ending Windows session...

Live streaming!

Sun Apr 24, 2016, 5:56 PM

Working on stuff I've been trying to get done for a few weeks. ;v; 
Taking requests maybe.