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Elemental, Abstract Brushes


It's been quite some time since my last submission.
I'm quite impressed with the results of this set, visually stunning.
Extremely different style from that of my previous sets.
11 clean, high quality abstract brushes.
Very useful for fading and backgrounds.
Looks best brushed white on a black canvas.
Created in Photoshop CS.

Criticism is welcome, as it gives me insight on what you would like to see in upcoming sets.
Please +fav if you download.

If used, contact me to show me your work!
I would love to see you're work using my brushes.

Acknowlegment and conscent from myself is absolutly manditory
before the use of my work involving public display and/or commercial projects!
Contact me via e-mail, or leave a private note here on dA before taking such actions!

Add me to DeviantWatch for upcoming submissions.
© 2006 - 2021 Bi-Extacy
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PLZKLLME0080's avatar
I used these brushes to make many of my sigs and backgrounds. One of my favorite ones: [link]
FleshBot2010's avatar
Thank you for the brushes!
Can't wait to use them, :+fav:ed this shit!
SeROoOn1's avatar
Used here [link] thank you ^^
CassidyRoseFallen999's avatar
Downloading the brushes ^^ thank you and when I use it i will be sure to let you see where i used it ^^
SpecialRose's avatar
Oh, Yes! I loved the glamour!
silentskulls's avatar
I used these brushes here: [link]
:D Thank you so much for making them! They're so beautiful. :)
GeneralMeow's avatar
Wow, to tell you the truth, all of your brushes are amazing.
Bi-Extacy's avatar
i'm glad you enjoy my brushes. thanks for the kind comment.
stormus's avatar
Beautiful, beautiful stuff.
oibyrd's avatar
sweet!! thx for sharing :clap: will link ya when I make use of it!
zankrink's avatar
i used it and made some effects with the brushes, if you wanna see it


how do you make that color combination?
ghaar's avatar
great Brushes 10/10 ! :)
Snowblind07's avatar
the preview looks a bit blurry I hope the actual brushes arent. good work though. :+fav:
Bi-Extacy's avatar
I'm not really a fan of sharp brushes,
So, I tend to lean toward smooth designs.

I added a radial blurr to the preview and set a layer mask
That's the blurr you're seeing.
Just a small effect to give it a look of peircing light.
Although the brushes themselves are a tad blurred,
Their not actually as blurred as the preview shows.
Snowblind07's avatar
Yeah I downloaded the pack and tried them out they are really good :)
Mexicanzpride's avatar

<3 you and your brushes.

artoliver's avatar
Goodness extacy these brushes are magnificent
totally hyped to see your next submission man keep up the excelent work :D
.... uhhh.... sexy!
Tioz's avatar
tkinney's avatar
Fucking yes! It's been way to long =P
Really nice brushes :D
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