BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 9 - Vegas, Baby!

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By a stroke of luck, I got a great deal on the full version of VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum, so now I'm officially in business! I had some new ideas and shot footage for the second episode of Silent InvenTOYry yesterday, and I'll continue to work on that this week. There's still a lot I have to learn about using the program, but now I've got time to experiment and teach myself new stuff.

As you can see, I also got a bit more written for Tasakeru, but there's going to need to be some adjustment done on the next scene I have in mind. I mentioned several times before that I'm doing some things with Soulsnatcher very differently than I did in the first draft, so that's requiring extra tweaking. All in all, though, I think I'm decently on track.

Probably the biggest geek news of the coming week is the launch of the Nintendo Switch. After all the hype and speculation, it'll finally be here come Friday. Though I love the concept and I'm certainly planning on buying one eventually, I've made it a policy to never buy a new game system in its first year. Getting one near launch is never worth it, I think. Not only because of the expense, but game releases typically dry up for months afterward, and there's always bugs and hardware problems with the first run of any new console. And then of course there's the fact that the one time I saved up for months to buy a shiny new console in its first year, it was the Dreamcast. I loved that system, being a die-hard Sega fanboy back in the day, and I had the rotten luck to buy one roughly four months before Sega decided to pull out of the hardware market. That's the kind of experience that tends to make one a lot more cautious. Good luck to those of you going for the Switch now, though. You're braver than I am.

Nothing much else of note this week, so I'll sign off and get back to work.


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Oooo...i wonder what will be reviewed when it come out..