BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 18 - Henshin-aGoGo

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My tech troubles last week were compounded by catching a really nasty cold, so so much for being productive. My computer is now mostly fixed... except that the new graphics card to replace the one that died may take as long as a month to get here, so I'm still stuck on my old 20-inch monitor, because of course the graphics card had the HDMI ports on it and now it's gone. After eight months of using ZA BEASTO, I'm having a really hard time readjusting to the smaller screen.

That said, once I learned that I might have to wait on the card, I decided to at least try to get whatever I could done on the next Silent InvenTOYry episode in advance. As it turns out, VEGAS does work with just the hardware I have. It doesn't work well, but it does work. So I put together about a minute thirty of footage as a test run, and it turned out pretty well. I also took the time to lower the entry bar again on my Patreon. Let's put this in nice, enticing bold caps: now you can get the first level of rewards (Ashigaru Tier) for the minimum pledge of $1 per chapter.

Anyway, since VDrake and I finished Shinkenger, I've been scratching my toku itch via other avenues. This may well be a huge mistake, but I decided to finally jump into Kamen Rider, the darker and edgier older brother of the Super Sentai/Power Rangers franchise. I've been meaning to watch Kamen Rider Gaim for some time now, since that series was written by Madoka Magica's Gen Urobuchi, so I've started with that. Let me tell you, if I wasn't convinced of Urobuchi's mad genius before... He's possibly the only man on the planet who could take a concept as patently absurd as "gangs of underground street dancers in a dystopian, corporate-controlled city participate in Pokemon-esque monster battles and transform into fruit-themed samurai", and not only make it work but make it compelling drama. The sheer, crazy awesome lunacy of the show is best embodied by one particular character... and again, only Urobuchi would take a campy, flamboyant, crossdressing, French-speaking patisserie and have him turn out to be a massive badass in and out of Kamen Rider form. Kamen Rider Bravo, alias Pierre Alfonso Oren, is set up as an absolutely ridiculous character who transforms into an even more ridiculous-looking durian-themed samurai/gladiator... and then he proceeds to wipe the floor with his first two opponents and carve a swath through the rest, because said campy, flamboyant patisserie also happens to be somewhere around six-foot-five, built like a pro-wrestler, and a former member of a French military special forces parachute regiment. I realize the last paragraph or so must read like I've recently taken a whole bunch of LSD, but I assure you I'm making none of this up.

That said, I'm trying my best not to let my new enthusiasm distract me much more than it already has.


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Well, if you like Kamen Rider Gaim, then you're going to like Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, the most recent Kamen Rider show with medical drama and video game themes.

That show is just as dark you're going to like it.
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Yeah, from what I gather, Ex-Aid is the best one since Gaim. I'm still not too fond of Ex-Aid's designs, they seem... well, really garish... but if the story's as good as Gaim's is, I'll give it a shot.