BHS Blogress Report: 2017, Week 17 - Tech Support

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Sorry, but this week's Report will be short and unpleasant. I'm writing this from my laptop because my desktop decided to fail last night. I'm having to replace my hard drive and graphics card... the new HD will be in tomorrow, but the graphics card make take several weeks to get here. That means Silent InvenTOYry Episode 4 is on hold for now; I can't run VEGAS with what I have built into my machine.

During my downtime, I'll do my best to get some writing done, but this has thrown a wrench into pretty much everything...

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Yikes.... sorry.  That blows.
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And I didn't even mention the horrible mutant cold I've somehow picked up.

This week sucks donkey dong, is what I'm saying
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Wow, you too?  I'm on the 8th day of a cold, and it's finally on the way out.  It really slowed me down, too.  

The only good part is that i got to annoy the hell out of Coworker Carl with all my sneezing and coughing and snot.  He's a complete germaphobe, and was probably feeling more miserable than i was.