BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 9

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Happy Leap Day! I decided to spend most of last week buckling down and working on Tasakeru stuff... to reasonably successful effect, as seen above! Work on Shattered Skies will resume this week. I also plan to get some more music composition and figure photography done.

Making its grand return, it's...

:trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet: 


  • VDrake and I finally finished Jojo: Stardust Crusaders yesterday. The final fight with DIO was every bit as spectacular as I hoped it would be, and now I believe I'll be feeling acute Jojo withdrawl until the anime version of Part 4 starts in April.
  • I'm getting back into experimenting with lucid dreaming. The process is fascinating, like having your own holodeck inside your head, but I've only been able to achieve true lucidity a handful of times. This time, I've taken to using an app on my iPod to try to trigger the lucid dreaming state via a tone going off around six hours into my sleep cycle. The app also has an integrated dream journal function, which should be helpful in recognizing patterns within my dreams... so providing I don't keep sleeping through the alarm tone, I may finally see some results. They say that once you go lucid a few times, it gets easier and easier each time... here's hoping.
  • Speaking of VDrake, The Changeling of the Guard is back within the All-Time Top 25 ranking on Fimfiction! I really can't plug this story enough. It needs to be read more, so go read it!

That's it for this week. See you around... or, to quote a certain memetastic vampire...



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