BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 39

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I'm really tired. Maybe it's this cold, which seems to be lingering, maybe it's weariness from the election swinging into full-on stupid mode in its final month-plus. While I'm on that subject, my hero and inspiration, Joss Whedon, launched last week, a new initiative to turn out voters and stop "Orange Muppet Hitler", which is now my euphemism of choice for you-know-who.

Anyway. I'm buckling down to finish rewriting Eternity Awakes now, and I think with the progress I made this week that I'll hit my deadline of posting Shattered Skies Chapter 20 on the fic's two-year anniversary, October 14th. Other projects are slowly but surely moving forward.

I took some time out a few days ago to write something a little different: a philosophical non-fiction think piece called "I Contain Multitudes". Some of you may have seen it already, but I'll link back to it just the same. It's the product of one of my more contemplative moods, written more to get it off my chest than for anything else.

It looks like Shantae: Half-Genie Hero isn't coming out tomorrow after all... the Kickstarter page mentions a six-week delay for bug testing. Sigh. At least I have more time to save up.

I've started reading a really, really excellent Overwatch fanfic called "Break My Heart, Break Your Heart", written by my Stars Above co-author Forzare's SO, with assistance by him. I was so impressed that I went and added this story to the Overwatch Fanfic Recommendations page on TVTropes after ten chapters. It's primarily a Tracer/Widowmaker shipping fic, but there are plenty of other relationships featured too. Even if you don't like shipping, every single character is written completely rock-solid on point... I can seriously hear the voices of each hero as I read their dialogue. That's not even mentioning the humor, the superb world-building, the fact that the author actually manages to make walking edgelord joke Reaper legitimately terrifying... and best of all, thesilvergoddess has an update schedule I would kill for and uploads a new chapter almost every week. This is, without hyperbole, one of the best fanfics I've ever read, and I can't recommend it enough. Please be sure to leave comments and feedback!

See you next week.


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Neat. Anything to say about Clear Card?
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I'm gonna read through the original manga in the next few days, then follow it up with Clear Card, now that I finally found a site with both of them translated.
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