BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 36 [Apologies]

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I'd like to take the time to apologize for last week's Blogress Report. I was stressed out, in pain, and staying in a cramped and unfamiliar place when I wrote it, so it brought out the worst in me and made the situation sound much worse than it actually was. That's not a side of myself I like to show people, but it gets out on occasion.

I also want to give sincere belated thanks for everybody who wrote wishing me a happy birthday... you guys are the best, and I don't say how much I appreciate you often enough.

Thankfully, my mood improved immensely once the work on my room was finished and my schedule got back to normal. I even managed to resume work on my photo projects, with some significant steps forward on The Big One this afternoon.

The other project I finished this week was redoing my MIDI version of "Kanata and Towa's Melody" from Go! Princess Precure. I've loved this piece ever since I first heard it, and it in fact was what got me back into MIDI in the first place. I think I've learned a whole lot in the year since I posted the first version, and this one sounds much better and more accurate.

I've been binging on Farscape for much of the past week... apparently, the point where I dropped off last time I tried to get through it was one of the worst places I could have stopped. One episode in particular, "Won't Get Fooled Again", has become an instant favorite of mine for it's almost Evangelion-level surreal mindfuck horror, and it's given me a ton of new ideas for Shattered Skies. I'm also seeing more and more connections and similarities between the oddball outlaw misfits on board Moya and my own Tasakeru Outcasts, so I think going through the rest of the series should give me plenty more inspiration.

Now that this brutal, chaotic summer is over, I look forward to a little normality for a change.


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