BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 31 [OVERWATCH!]

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Well, you can probably guess what I've been doing this week.

Thanks to recent upgrades, I was finally able to get in on the other massively popular 2016 video game that's sweeping the world. I avoid FPS games normally, but I make exceptions for titles that are... well, exceptional. Stuff like Metroid Prime, Portal, or Bioshock. Everything I heard about Overwatch indicated that it was definitely one of those, so I took the plunge and...

... and wow. I seriously cannot describe in words how good this game feels. Even someone like me was able to pick it up in fifteen minutes at most. It plays so well that matches are fun whether you're winning or losing, and there's just this groove that you slide into when you find a character that works for you... a moment where everything clicks, and you feel like you can play with the best of them, whether that's actually true or not.

And those are just basic mechanics. There's tons to rave about with everything else: the gorgeous, colorful artwork and design, the amazing cast of varied characters and the little touches that give each one a distinct personality, the emphasis on actual teamwork instead of random deathmatches, the stellar sound design that allows you to recognize different characters by their footsteps if you pay enough attention... Overwatch is one of those rare games that utterly transcends its genre, so you'll have a good time playing no matter what kind of games you're used to.

Below is one of my proudest moments so far: a Play of the Game with my Overwaifu D. Va in which I took out 5/6ths of the enemy team in one stroke. I was able to pull this off on only my second day of play, which should speak volumes about the quality of the game's design.

Anyway, in non-Overwatch news... Some of you already saw that I completed two MIDI projects this week. Since I still don't have space to work with my photo equipment, I decided to shift gears for a while and work on music instead. For Tasakeru, Zero's theme, "The Samurai Who Feared Death" went up on the Music page on Tuesday. I tinkered with this one off and on for quite a few months, but I think the final product really soars.

The other project was a MIDI tribute to Steven Universe in the style of NES chiptunes, kindasorta marking a year since I got into the series (plus or minus the few weeks it took to transcribe). There was a ton of minute tweaking involved in getting this one right, not to mention listening to multiple renditions of the song many, many times apiece. The first version of the theme song is way more complex than I think anyone realizes, and it's given me a new appreciation for all the work Rebecca Sugar et al. put into it. Here it is... and if you want to download it, the link to my Soundcloud is in the description.

Speaking of Steven, I'm reaping the benefits of the Steven Clusterbomb that's currently running... new episodes are scheduled for every weeknight from now until at least August 12th. Sorta makes up for such a long hiatus, doesn't it?

So that's going to keep me busy enough this week... I'm also attending International Sailor Moon Day in Blacksburg on Saturday, which will be the subject of next week's Blogress Report. Expect pictures and full coverage!'


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