BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 24

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  • Tasakeru Book II Chapter 4: 7.5 pages done
  • Shattered Skies Chapter 18: 4 pages done
  • Magical girl photo project: 14 pictures taken, editing and special effects in progress
  • Zoids photo project: On hold
  • Steven Universe Commentary: On hiatus (I accidentally watched and commented on the last of the leaked episodes ahead of its actual air date... oops.)

Today's been... weird. I had yet another night of disturbing dreams, which is getting to be a really annoying problem. I woke up this morning pledging to finally tackle the rest of Book II Chapter 4, which has been giving me hell...

And then out of nowhere I got a call from a friend who was back in town and wanted to meet up.

This friend and I... well, for about 11 months I honestly thought we were Involved™, but that apparently wasn't the case. We're friends, and that's that. I'd like to think I've been mature about the whole thing, that I've put any thoughts of being more than friends behind me... but certain recent events seem to be trying that decision pretty hard. I shouldn't go into more detail since there's a chance she might read this, but I wish I had been able to say what was really on my mind. Last week, I mentioned that I've been researching what it means to be "aromantic" and whether that applies to me or not, and after the tragedy this weekend in Orlando... I almost feel like I should go ahead and officially come out, because the LGBTQIA+ community needs all the support it can get right now. But then, part of me says that doing so right now would be capitalizing on the tragedy in some way, and that's appalling.

I dunno. Seeing her again just complicates things further. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that I did, and I always enjoy her company, but... argh.

Anyway. Here I am, inching forward bit by bit as usual. I finished Chrono Cross, which was fantastic, and I'm now on New Game+. This week's Sailor Moon Crystal had one of the scenes I've been waiting for all season and it pretty much nailed it, and I'm eagerly looking forward to Sailor Saturn's debut next week. That, and I'm about to start my first petsitting job of the summer on Wednesday.

Oh yeah, and I'm getting read to self-publish Tasakeru Book I... possibly sooner rather than later. Just a few more hoops to jump through.

It's a strange, complicated time, but I'm dealing, somehow.


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