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  • Tasakeru Book II Chapter 3: 5 pages done
  • Shattered Skies Chapter 15: 2 pages done
  • Magical girl photography project: Restarted, 2 pictures taken, pending editing

My Blogress Report is going up a little later than usual this week, because I wanted to wait to see the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 before I wrote it. Naturally, I've been hype for this since it was announced in September, but I'm happy to say that the finished product surpassed my expectations.

The manga-style Daimon wasn't as gruesome or gory as it was in the manga, but I was expecting it would be toned down from the chestburster (backburster?) that Takeuchi came up with. It was still plenty nightmarish enough, though. The new theme song doesn't really hold up to Moon Pride, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. And those are the only two criticisms I have, really. Everything else looks fantastic.

Seriously, I know some people were upset about the new art style, but I think it looks like Toei strengthened the best aspects of the art from the first two seasons and removed the weakest parts. What's left is an almost seamless hybrid between the original Crystal style and the first anime. It's got its cartoony, exaggerated and super-deformed moments, but they don't go overboard with them. And it's not overly stiff and trying too hard to be realistic, as with Crystal Season 1. The transformations and intro stock footage have been completely redone to match the new style... no more choppy, jarring CG, which I think is a huge improvement. Better to save that budget for the huge battles at the end of the arc, anyway!

And for anyone still worried that Toei would try to distance themselves from Haruka and Michiru, or shy away from depicting their relationship as bluntly as the manga did... Watch the new ED sequence. I defy you to find more concentrated lesbianism in anime this season that's not from an actual yuri series.

Its complete lack of any kind of subtlety is a pretty strong indicator that the dark days of "cousins" are behind us for good, thank heaven.

In short: hell yes I'm happy, and I can't wait for more.

In Tasakeru news, my artist says that the Book I cover will likely be finished sometime this week. I'm chomping at the bit to show my readers, because the sketch he sent me looked phenomenal. Just a little longer...

Also, as you can see up there, I restarted my magical girl photography project. I'm slowly learning how to keep everyone in focus in group shots, so I retook the pictures I had already shot, with some really nice results. That should bear fruit soon, I hope.

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  • Friday marked the start of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. This is about the point in JoJo where my limited knowledge of the series beforehand pretty much gives out, so I'm mostly going in blind here. That said... wow, the people who told me the series gets even crazier from this point on were not kidding. I'll say more about it once I've gotten a chance to get familiar with the new cast, but I like it so far.
  • Somehow I found myself getting back into Zoids, a series upon which I spent far too much money around age 16 or so. I found out that there's now a super-poseable line of Zoids models without motors, the Highend Master Model series, and of course I had to order a Liger Zero. This could be the beginning of a slippery slope, but at least there's only 30 or so in the line so far, and less than a dozen that I really want. Pray for me.
  • VDrake's The Changeling of the Guard reached #1 of all time again on FiMFiction this week! Go congratulate him, and tell him Bingo sent you. He'll know what it means.

See you next week!


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The opening theme thing bugged me too but aside from that and one other thing I liked it too.