BHS Blogress Report: 2016, Week 10

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  • Tasakeru Book II Chapter 3: Pending
  • Shattered Skies Chapter 14: 6 pages done

New news on the Book I cover! The artist has contacted me and said that he's starting work on it this week. I plan to keep in very close contact with him, so expect more details soon.

I had a brainstorm on Saturday and wrote some stuff for Shattered Skies which I feel is some of my best material. Hopefully the more rabid Moonies out there will think it's as funny as I do. You can't go with terror and misery all the time, you know? Just most of the ti-*SHOT*

Finally crossing the finish line, it's...

:trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet:


  • Lots of new stuff dropped this week, the most notable of which is the trailer and release date for Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3! I'm already excited to see one of my favorite arcs of the manga finally getting its due, but my hype levels have shot up a hundredfold upon seeing the absolutely gorgeous new art style and animation. I'm now counting down the days until April 4th... it can't get here fast enough.
  • The Ghostbusters reboot trailer also came out, which was... divisive. I mean, I knew it would be, given the "EWWWWW GIRLS" attitude of some of the more sub-Neanderthal parts of the Internet, but it's been divisive even in some of the more sensible circles. I already posted my thoughts, so I'll say once again that I'm optimistic and I'll withhold full judgment until I see it for myself.
  • Star Vs. The Forces of Evil got renewed for a third season, even before the premiere of the second! That's awesome... Star Vs. is hilarious, gorgeously animated, and just plain weird, a shining example of the current golden age in western animation. Sadly, Wander Over Yonder, another great cartoon on the same network, is not returning for a third season, according to its creator Craig McCracken. Sad news, but as Gravity Falls so elegantly proved, quality beats quantity. More episodes would be great, sure, but the two seasons we got are treasures.
  • And finally, as I'm sure you all know, Zootopia came out in theaters on Friday and won the weekend box office. I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews I've read make it clear that it shares themes with my own Tasakeru, beyond just being about anthropomorphic animals. A world where humans never happened, a city of mammals in a state of truce with each other, using differing species to make points about differing human societies... my mother even asked me if it was possible that someone at Disney stole my idea, bless her heart. I'd like to reassure her and my readers that the chances of that are very, very slim, given my extremely limited audience, and that there's more than enough differences between Zootopia and Tasakeru to make them distinct from each other. Once I see the movie, I'm planning on writing up a full comparison between the two, which will likely be in next week's Blogress Report.

That's all for this week. Keep watching!


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Oh,sounds like things have been fun lately!