BHS [Belated] Blogress Report: 2016, Week 33

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Yesterday was a bad, bad day. That's the reason this Blogress Report breaks a streak of 32 weeks updating on Mondays... I wish that didn't upset me so much.

The back wall of my room sprung a series of leaks yesterday afternoon during a torrential downpour. This is the same wall that got resealed less than two months ago. In fact, the water was coming right through the cracks in the newly-patched area... which leads me to believe that someone didn't do their job correctly, since that part of the wall has never leaked before. Additional headaches are sure to follow as the workmen come back and (hopefully) fix this mess.

Yesterday was also complicated by computer issues. I'm in (again, hopefully) the last stages of clearing Maya, my PC, of a cluster of malware from a few weeks ago. Part of the process involved a very, very lengthy virus scan that had to be run overnight... and of course, by the time I realized that I had forgotten about my Blogress Report, it was too late and I was too tired and cranky to get back on it. Going to bed cranky led to insomnia, which led to grogginess, which led to me not being coherent enough to write this thing until approximately half an hour ago.

Blech. Not helping my mood in general is that I'm about to spend eight days mostly on my own with just my dog for company, due to my family's absurdly busy schedules overlapping. I tried to arrange for my best friend to come visit again, but that didn't work... the few local friends I have here are also busy, which means I'll be alone for the majority of the ten days prior to my birthday on the 28th. It's an opportunity to get some work done, yes, but the timing is rotten.

Speaking of work, though... I'm in the process of updating one of my MIDI compositions from last year, something you may have seen if you follow me on YouTube or SoundCloud. I've learned a lot about the software since then, and I'm pretty confident that I can get the song to sound much better with a few tweaks.

Also in my work queue is the last chapter of Shattered Skies Act I. It's been a long, long wait, I know, but I can now say with certainty that Chapter 20, the first chapter of Act II, will feature the first meeting of Usagi, Sakura, Nagisa, Nanoha, and Madoka. The meeting of the Big Five has got to be depicted with the gravitas it deserves, so I can't really give an estimate as to when it will be posted, but my goal is to get it out by the 2-year anniversary of posting the first chapter, which is in mid-October. That should give me a nice buffer, I think.

And in the meantime, there's more Overwatch to be played, more pets to be sat, and birthday wishlists to plug. At least after yesterday, there's little place to go but up.


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Ouch that sucks sorry.