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Shattered Skies: Tomorrow Comes by bhsdesk Shattered Skies: Tomorrow Comes :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 21 2
Uravity Falls, Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Misfire Number One
The Next Day
“... so, sensei , I know you’re still angry with him about the fight, but what do you think? Is it okay?”
“GRR... Bakugou… you want to… ARGH…”
“Just meet with him, that’s right.”
“Up… RRRRRGH… up on… RRRAARGH...”
“... The roof?”
“ROOF!” shouted Ryo Inui, also known as Hound Dog, U.A.’s guidance counselor. Froth flew from the edges of his muzzle. “ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF…”
“I’ll, uh…” Ochako swallowed and took a few steps backward. “I’ll just come back another time.”
“BARK,” Inui-sensei added. And furthermore, expanding on that statement: “BARK! GRR RARRGH BARK BARK BOW WOW WOW WOW BARK!” He continued much in that manner even as he tore apart his desk drawer, eve
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 3
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Chapter 38
"Nothing changes, nothing ever will
Every year another brat, another mouth to fill
Same old story, what's the use of tears?
What's the use of praying if there's nobody who hears?
Turning, turning, turning, turning, turning through the years...

Turning, turning, turning through the years
Minutes into hours, and the hours into years
Nothing changes, nothing ever can
Round and round the roundabout and back where you began
Round and round and back where you began..."
- Claude-Michel Schönberg and Herbert Kretzmer
Chapter 38: Master of the House
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
Sayaka Miki sat on the lip of the battered half-asteroid that housed Dead End's palace, wrapped in layers upon layers of energy shielding as she gazed up at the stars. The shielding likely wasn't
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 3
Uravity Falls, Chapter 1


For Healy, who got me on board.
[Author's Note: This story takes place after Episode 61 of the anime, or roughly Chapter 121 of the manga. Spoilers for plot developments up to this point.]
Chapter 1: Sauntering Vaguely Downwards
"There's someone you like, right~?"
That question had been echoing in Ochako Uraraka's mind for days on end.
"There's someone you like, right~?"
True, the girl who asked it was disturbed… okay, crazy… okay, psychotic. Just the thought of that girl made Ochako sick. Toga giggled and squealed and declared herself "friends" with poor Tsuyu and babbled about intimate, private things, all while trying to murder her and Tsuyu both.
Psychotic she was… but she wasn't wrong.
"There's someone you like, right~?"
The question came to mind yet again as Class 1-A filed out the double doors of Heights Alliance on t
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 3 3
I Need Dragonzord Power, Now! by bhsdesk I Need Dragonzord Power, Now! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 12 1 Shattered Skies: Morning Lights Emblem - Textless by bhsdesk Shattered Skies: Morning Lights Emblem - Textless :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 7
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Ch. 37-2
Vertex Point Three
Yayoi and Yui's Room
They sat together in the dark, their hands entwined. Neither Yayoi Kise nor Yui Nanase had spoken for a long time. As things were, they hardly needed to speak. The two had achieved that special kind of closeness, where one partner could tell what the other was thinking… a kind of magic that put Precure powers to shame.
"Yui-chan," said Yayoi finally. She took a deep breath to steady herself. "Kaioh-san told me. My… my friends, they're…" An uncontrollable shudder wracked her body. "Joker's doing horrible things to them. A-and... and th-there's another me. Another me from another world, a me that he's… that he's made into something evil and twisted like he is…" A deeper shudder. What Kirara told her about her other self was almost too awful to bear: an innocent version of herself that
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 12
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Ch. 37-1
(Author's Note: Strap yourselves in, everyone. Consider this a TRIGGER WARNING for scenes of intense emotional trauma, and prepare yourselves accordingly.
Also: please be sure to check out Mirror Shards, a new Shattered Skies recursive fanfiction by Storyteller222, which follows his Precure OC Kyoko as she experiences the aftermath of Dead End's war on reality. Mirror Shards isn't strictly necessary to enjoy Shattered Skies, of course, but it's a different perspective on the story… one which has my full approval, and which I'm glad to collaborate on. You can find it here on or on his DA page at
Also also: no, you're NOT hallucinating, I have indeed changed the story's title. Keep reading, there is an explanation.
Also also also: Remember, comments are an author's food pellets! Share the love, and consider helping me make more stuff by
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 3 0
Pig Snout Nutshell by bhsdesk Pig Snout Nutshell :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 3 Get Your Own! by bhsdesk Get Your Own! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 27 7
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Chapter 36
Chapter 36: But the War Goes On
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
Communications Hub
Minutes before the Time Crash
"Master Joker? You wanted to see me?" Sayaka Miki gave a curt bow as she stepped through the sliding doors. She was preceded by a small white creature, something like a cat and something like a rabbit, with round, unblinking red eyes. Sayaka was familiar with these things; they used to be called Incubators. After what Joker did to them, it probably wasn't appropriate to call them that anymore. Its task complete, it sat on its haunches at Joker's feet and beamed proudly at her… not the usual eerie, frozen cat-smile, but an open leer with a mouthful of teeth, which was even worse. Sayaka tried her best to ignore it.
"Ah yes, Miki. Come in." The harlequin stood before the chaotic mishmash of technology and magic that was his way of communicating with the forces of Dead End acr
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 15
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Ch. 35 [EDIT]
[Author's note: I'm reuploading this chapter with a minor edit to clarify an important plot point at the end. Your humble author screwed up and made things too ambiguous; my apologies. - BHS]

Chapter 35: The Battle is Won…
The Lighthouse
Vertex Point Five
"Homura-chan…? Homura-chan!"
There was no answer. Homura Akemi wore a small, satisfied smile as she lay limp in Madoka Kaname's arms. Her chest rose and fell gently as the jewel in the earring she sometimes wore faded back from white-hot to pale violet to amethyst.
"She'll be all right." The voice of Fantine, the Lighthouse keeper, was taut with strain, as if Homura being all right was more trouble than it was worth. The blue-winged spark that served as her avatar hovered close to Madoka's shoulder. "That was a ton of magic she burned at once to pull that stunt, but she… she has more than enough to spare. In any event…" Bitt
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 8 2
Advent! by bhsdesk Advent! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 1
Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, Chapter 34
Chapter 34: Prisoners of War
The Lighthouse
Vertex Point Five
Homura Akemi watched and waited.
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
The Merry-Go-Round
"So congratulations to you all! Mission accomplished." Joker applauded, and the assembled forces of Dead End cheered, watching from the upper rings of the Merry-Go-Round's vast circular chamber. Among the clamor of their varied shrieks and howls and bellows, Alph caught fragments of speech: "Kill them!" "Tear them apart!" "Let us feast!"
Alph took stock: she and the rest of the team were all immobilized by Droid Jamanen's viscous gel and at Dead End's mercy, surrounded by an army that included some of the deadliest and most dangerous beings in all the worlds. That included one of their own, poor Cure Fortune, apparently brainwashed into Jamanen's puppet and converted into a gelatinous monster just like her. The p
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 5 17
VILUY'S DATABASE - Sakura Kinomoto and Allies
OVERVIEW: Vertex Two is an outlier among the five Vertices, as nearly all the distinctive elements common to the other four simply do not exist there. As of this writing, there is only one being of note in Vertex Two, Sakura Kinomoto herself, who even fits the definition of a “magical girl”. Even so, she does not transform, has never battled an openly hostile force seeking her destruction, and has never encountered a “monster” of the kind so prevalent in the other worlds, to my knowledge.
This is not to say that Kinomoto is not a threat to Dead End. Based on my observation, the exact opposite is the case: should she use her full powers against us, I am convinced that Dead End, with all our resources, would pose little threat to her. Sakura Kinomoto has the potential to be the most dangerous being in her universe, and it is only her personality and relative immaturity that res
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 3
Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 by bhsdesk Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 6 0
These are art-type things that are done by me and organized in a gallery-ish fashion.

Random Favourites

Luna Lovegood by RaidesArt Luna Lovegood :iconraidesart:RaidesArt 433 32 Super Crown Powered Luma! by TheBourgyman Super Crown Powered Luma! :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 1,089 73 Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .232 by CometComics Kamen Rider ZI-O Flash Belt .232 :iconcometcomics:CometComics 485 404 Moon Crisis Make Up by chibi-jen-hen Moon Crisis Make Up :iconchibi-jen-hen:chibi-jen-hen 627 18 Fight like a Girl by Mezzochan Fight like a Girl :iconmezzochan:Mezzochan 41 0 Reunited With Supergirl by drb7364
Mature content
Reunited With Supergirl :icondrb7364:drb7364 274 309
Sailor Saturn by Shinigami-sekai Sailor Saturn :iconshinigami-sekai:Shinigami-sekai 17 0 Eternal Sailor V Costume Design by sinister-puppet Eternal Sailor V Costume Design :iconsinister-puppet:sinister-puppet 39 5 Sailor Moon Moon tiara by SailorBomber Sailor Moon Moon tiara :iconsailorbomber:SailorBomber 144 21 Sailor Mars - Sticky Dough Attack by burnup19 Sailor Mars - Sticky Dough Attack :iconburnup19:burnup19 333 14 The Other Time Traveller by soapboxinggeek The Other Time Traveller :iconsoapboxinggeek:soapboxinggeek 24 2 CardCaptor Sakura by MeowYin CardCaptor Sakura :iconmeowyin:MeowYin 139 3 Sailor Moon Alternate [Sailor Moon] by Kairui-chan Sailor Moon Alternate [Sailor Moon] :iconkairui-chan:Kairui-chan 199 18 Meiling Li by FirePokeMaster Meiling Li :iconfirepokemaster:FirePokeMaster 31 0 Sailor Cosmos by Pillara Sailor Cosmos :iconpillara:Pillara 329 11 Macherie - Amour by Coffee-Apple Macherie - Amour :iconcoffee-apple:Coffee-Apple 46 2
These are various things that meet my with approval and warrant increased attention.


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BHS (Brian Stanley)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer. I write stuff that's generally weird, but mostly entertaining. I've been on DA since 2003, ranking me among the Official Community of Old Farts™.

I write an ongoing original YA fantasy series called Tasakeru. I also host a YouTube toy review series called Silent InvenTOYry.

I'm also a Trekkie, a Browncoat, an incurable Japanophile, a trainee in the Evil League of Evil, and a devoted follower of the Church of Madoka. Now serving as Founder of PuellaMagi!

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Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Classical, J-Pop, J-Rock, Soundtracks
Operating System: Windows 10
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Wallpaper of choice: Homura Akemi
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose from!
Personal Quote: "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
Week 42 - They're Scrapped Ideas for a Reason
Shattered Skies turned four yesterday. For something that started partly as a self-imposed challenge, I think it's turned out remarkably coherent, don't you? I hope you all enjoyed the pic I made to celebrate, linked below:

I experimented a bit with the lighting effects this time around, and I really like how it turned out.

So, as additional bonus content for the fourth anniversary of my passion project, I thought I'd share a few concepts from the story that got changed or left on the cutting room floor. For some of them, it should be obvious why I edited or scrapped them... for others, maybe not so much.

Please be advised, these will be *SPOILERS* for those of you who aren't yet caught up with the recent chapters.

In chronological order:

  • Joker was going to appear in person in all five Vertices during the Invasion arc. I scaled this back because I thought doing so would dilute his presence and potentially make people tired of him too early.
  • The merged Moebius-Pharaoh 90 entity was going to essentially turn Carnaaji into a planet-sized fortress for Dead End, as a staging ground to attack the TSAB. I couldn't figure out how to make it work, and I felt the heroes needed to foil at least one of Joker's many plots during the Invasion chapters... so I had the Arc-en-Ciel successfully destroy Moebius 90, but not Unison!Will.
  • The Princess Precure weren't going to be in the story at all. When I started it in 2014, I fully intended to have Happiness Charge be the cutoff point, and both Cure Fortune and Cure Princess were going to make it to the Lighthouse. This was partly because I was convinced that Go! Princess would be an off year. By the time I actually got to writing the Precureverse Invasion chapters, though, GoPrin had become one of my all-time favorite Precure series, and I decided I had to include the team. Because of that, poor Hime got left behind...
  • I also considered sparing one of the Fresh Cures, which at various times was going to be Peach, Pine, or Passion. Then I considered that Passion reverting back into Eas had a ton of potential, and, well...
  • Artemis was going to die in the Sailorverse Invasion arc, when the Senshi were trapped inside the merged Labyrinth. He was going to be hit by one of the Familiars of Gisela, the motorcycle Witch, and die in Sailor Venus's arms. That was going to be the reason she snapped and attacked Joker with the Holy Sword. I scrapped this one because there were way too many important things happening in those chapters. The death of such an important member of the Sailor Moon supporting cast just couldn't be given proper weight with everything else I had to work in. This was a last-minute decision; I was in the process of writing the scene in Gisela's part of the Labyrinth when I changed my mind.
  • It took forever to decide which Senshi would make it to the Lighthouse. Usagi was always a given, as were Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, but at one time or another nearly all the others were being considered as casualties. The final decision came down to which characters I thought would make for the most interesting interactions going forward. The ones captured and converted by Dead End were largely chosen because having them on the side of the Lights would given them too much of an advantage... Ami in particular, being a super-genius doctor and all.
  • On a related note, either Mami or Kyoko was going to escape from Vertex Five along with Madoka and Homura... until I realized that the only way to keep Homura's actions secret was to be sure she and Madoka escaped alone.
  • Chapter 21 was going to be merged into what became Chapter 22, then it was going to be scrapped altogether, then I changed my mind. The real-life stuff happening that week convinced me that it absolutely had to be a standalone chapter. It's loosely based on a conversation between myself and VDrake that happened the night before I posted it. He didn't slap me, but he did give me a much-needed talking-to very similar to the one Erika gave Tsubomi.
  • Yayoi and Yui's relationship was written in almost entirely out of spite. I know how horrible that sounds, but bear with me: a friend of mine was writing his own Smile/GoPrin crossover in which Yayoi and Yui got together, and I couldn't believe how perfectly they fit together, or that I hadn't thought of it first. That story was then rewritten to remove Yayoi entirely, in favor of giving Yui Precure powers... I was so enraged at the loss of my YaYui adorableness that I vowed to write it into my story instead. Make of that what you will.
  • The name "Operation Batman" was VDrake's idea. He suggested it as a joke. As with quite a lot of the ideas that we toss back and forth, I thought it was good/bad enough to use for real.
  • I always planned to have a nightmare fuel orifice invasion scene with Jamanen (a shoutout to a notorious scene from Batman Beyond), but it wasn't always going to end with someone being Jellaxified. My original plan was to have Jamanen attempt to possess the unfortunate victim from inside... and said victim would regain control long enough to beg Cure Black to "punch me in the stomach... as hard as you can!" That would, ahem, cause Jamanen to be expelled from her victim in a spectacularly disgusting fashion. I went back and forth on that one before deciding that it would raise the stakes much higher to have one of the rescue team be assimilated successfully.
  • Part of the Jamais Ville sequence were written with the help of Forzare, my Stars Above co-author. They've always had a flair for surreal horror.
  • Chibi-Usa was going to have a scene in Jamais Ville where she turned a corner and temporarily ended up back in Tokyo in Vertex One, right in front of the jewelry store. She would then see a little of what had happened since the Senshi all left Earth. As with the earlier example in the Labyrinth, I thought there was too much going on already to do that scene justice, so I cut it. I actually have about two pages of that scene written, so I might reuse it in some form.
  • When the post-GoPrin Precure continuities are attacked by "the entity", the original plan was to have it appear at the precise moment in each series where the main character first encounters the supernatural, thus ending their stories before they began. Up to the point where I was halfway through writing Ichika's scene in the KKPCALM-verse, my intention was to insert "the entity" into the Hugtto-verse at the moment in the first episode when Hana's about to get hit by the baseball and time freezes as she hears Hugtan's voice crying out. I was going to move its entry to later in the episode, in the scene where Hana stands on her balcony and talks about her future... but I relented because I honestly couldn't bear to wipe Hana from existence right after her inspiring "You can be anything! You can do anything!" speech. I may be cruel and sadistic to the characters I love, but even I'm not totally heartless... much as my reputation may suggest the contrary.
  • Speaking of relenting: Yuko/Cure Honey was going to die right after she woke up in Chapter 37. The damage the Merry-Go-Round inflicted on her was going to be fatal, as part of the original plan to make Chapter 37 as bleak as I could. After talking it over with VDrake, I realized that Yuko dying would take away from the gravitas of losing Alph a few scenes later... and I was already concerned about the chapter being too dark, which led to me moving up the birth of the Umino's baby. So I had Yuko survive, albeit badly injured and without her Cure powers.
  • And finally, there were many, many names I considered for the Lightouse faction before I chose "the Morning Lights". I mentioned to a few people that I had a devil of a time thinking of something that was as effective and elegant as "Dead End". The list of rejected names is below, copied directly from my 70-plus(!!!) pages of notes. The last one on the list was almost finalized, to the point where I had an updated version of the cover with that name finished and ready to upload... but ultimately I decided that I needed something more hopeful and less fatalistic. So here's what almost was...

    Children of the Stars

    Children of Cosmos

    Children of the Lighthouse

    Alpha Dogs

    Alpha Wolves

    Toudai-gun (Japanese for “Lighthouse army”)

    Toudai-dan (“Lighthouse brigade”)

    Toudaimori (“Lighthouse keeper[s]”)

    [Dai]Goten-gun (“[Great] five star army”)

    [Dai]Goten-dan (“[Great] five star brigade”)


    Army of Solace

    Stellar Solace

    Hearts of the Stars

    Solace of the Stars


    Signal [Beam]

    The Crossroads

    TsuKiMiTaKa (“Look at the moon,” from Tsukino, Kinomoto, Misumi, Takamachi, and Kaname)

    Last Lights

Whew! I don't know how much of thatif any of itwas of interest to you guys, but you got a peek inside my thought process, at least.

Now then. This week saw the publication of Chapter 2 of Uravity Falls, which turned out quite nicely, I think. My next item of business is to get Chapter 5 of Twilight's Dreaming done... I'm also trying to get back into streaming with The Messenger, in preparation for the launch of My Hero One's Justice on the 26th. Busy busy busy.

  • Watching: Hugtto, Jojo, TenSlime, Doctor Who
  • Playing: Fortnite, Hollow Knight

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