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Get Your Own! by bhsdesk Get Your Own! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 23 5
Shattered Skies, Chapter 36
Chapter 36: But the War Goes On
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
Communications Hub
Minutes before the Time Crash
"Master Joker? You wanted to see me?" Sayaka Miki gave a curt bow as she stepped through the sliding doors. She was preceded by a small white creature, something like a cat and something like a rabbit, with round, unblinking red eyes. Sayaka was familiar with these things; they used to be called Incubators. After what Joker did to them, it probably wasn't appropriate to call them that anymore. Its task complete, it sat on its haunches at Joker's feet and beamed proudly at her… not the usual eerie, frozen cat-smile, but an open leer with a mouthful of teeth, which was even worse. Sayaka tried her best to ignore it.
"Ah yes, Miki. Come in." The harlequin stood before the chaotic mishmash of technology and magic that was his way of communicating with the forces of Dead End acr
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 15
Shattered Skies, Chapter 35 [EDIT]
[Author's note: I'm reuploading this chapter with a minor edit to clarify an important plot point at the end. Your humble author screwed up and made things too ambiguous; my apologies. - BHS]

Chapter 35: The Battle is Won…
The Lighthouse
Vertex Point Five
"Homura-chan…? Homura-chan!"
There was no answer. Homura Akemi wore a small, satisfied smile as she lay limp in Madoka Kaname's arms. Her chest rose and fell gently as the jewel in the earring she sometimes wore faded back from white-hot to pale violet to amethyst.
"She'll be all right." The voice of Fantine, the Lighthouse keeper, was taut with strain, as if Homura being all right was more trouble than it was worth. The blue-winged spark that served as her avatar hovered close to Madoka's shoulder. "That was a ton of magic she burned at once to pull that stunt, but she… she has more than enough to spare. In any event…" Bitt
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 7 2
Advent! by bhsdesk Advent! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 0 1
Shattered Skies, Chapter 34
Chapter 34: Prisoners of War
The Lighthouse
Vertex Point Five
Homura Akemi watched and waited.
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
The Merry-Go-Round
"So congratulations to you all! Mission accomplished." Joker applauded, and the assembled forces of Dead End cheered, watching from the upper rings of the Merry-Go-Round's vast circular chamber. Among the clamor of their varied shrieks and howls and bellows, Alph caught fragments of speech: "Kill them!" "Tear them apart!" "Let us feast!"
Alph took stock: she and the rest of the team were all immobilized by Droid Jamanen's viscous gel and at Dead End's mercy, surrounded by an army that included some of the deadliest and most dangerous beings in all the worlds. That included one of their own, poor Cure Fortune, apparently brainwashed into Jamanen's puppet and converted into a gelatinous monster just like her. The p
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 5 17
VILUY'S DATABASE - Sakura Kinomoto and Allies
OVERVIEW: Vertex Two is an outlier among the five Vertices, as nearly all the distinctive elements common to the other four simply do not exist there. As of this writing, there is only one being of note in Vertex Two, Sakura Kinomoto herself, who even fits the definition of a “magical girl”. Even so, she does not transform, has never battled an openly hostile force seeking her destruction, and has never encountered a “monster” of the kind so prevalent in the other worlds, to my knowledge.
This is not to say that Kinomoto is not a threat to Dead End. Based on my observation, the exact opposite is the case: should she use her full powers against us, I am convinced that Dead End, with all our resources, would pose little threat to her. Sakura Kinomoto has the potential to be the most dangerous being in her universe, and it is only her personality and relative immaturity that res
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 3
Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 by bhsdesk Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 0 Eight Pink Precures, Dekiagari! by bhsdesk Eight Pink Precures, Dekiagari! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 39 12
Shattered Skies, Chapter 33 - PART 2
An immense, chaotic tower of machinery, wires, circuitry, and cold grey iron, blended with muscle, tissue, bone, and sinew, all intertwined so closely that it was difficult to tell where the technological ended and the biological began. It was as wide around as a skyscraper, and a ghastly, stale, piecemeal light illuminated it from somewhere within. There was no logic to its construction that they could see; here and there were irregular patches of tech, sometimes several meters wide, and adjoining those were hideous, throbbing growths, lined with veins crisscrossing diseased purple-black flesh. The tower stretched up, up, up, farther than their eyes could see… and arranged upon it in the same nonsensical fashion were the bodies of the prisoners.
Friends, loved ones, allies, and strangers alike, from countless worlds throughout all five vertices of the universe. Hundreds upon hundreds of them: elders and children, e
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 12
Shattered Skies, Chapter 33 - PART 1
Chapter 33: Treasonable Conduct
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
38th Floor, Approaching Sector Mu
Alph's trail wasn't difficult to follow. It was if a tornado had ripped through the Sunakiis; piles of sand were everywhere, dotted with intermittent scraps of the little monsters' canvas-like skin… very small scraps.
Four Operation Batman comrades and one pint-sized asylum-seeker gingerly made their way through the carnage, the majority of them making an effort to step over as many piles as they could. Erika Kurumi, Cure Marine, had reassured them repeatedly that the Sunakiis really were no more than animated sandbags, and that the sand inside their bodies—formerly inside their bodies—was exactly what it appeared to be. "It's plain, ordinary sand," she said from her position ahead of the others. "There's no need to be all twitchy about it. I dunno how exactly
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 6 1
2018 ID: BHS is Steven Universe Approved by bhsdesk 2018 ID: BHS is Steven Universe Approved :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 6
Shattered Skies, Chapter 32
Chapter 32: Regroup and Counterattack
The Lighthouse
Restricted Access Room, Top Floor
The Lighthouse Keeper, the entity calling herself Fantine, never left the secret, sealed control room atop the tallest spire of the Lighthouse. Too much depended on her: the time streams of the multiverse had to be monitored, the Lighthouse residents had to be sheltered, and she herself had to be kept hidden away from any and all. Some would call her paranoid, but if they only knew the truth, if they only knew anything about who Fantine really was and what kind of powers she possessed… they would say there was no such thing as being paranoid. Knowing who Fantine truly was would instantly make her the primary target for Joker and his entire Dead End forces, for in all likelihood, she could end the war for existence by herself in an instant.
If they only knew. If they only knew what she was capable of, the sins she had committed. But no
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 5 16
Okakugo wa, Yoroshikute! by bhsdesk Okakugo wa, Yoroshikute! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 41 0 Brightly Blaze by bhsdesk Brightly Blaze :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 16 3 It's About Time You Guys Got Here! by bhsdesk It's About Time You Guys Got Here! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 21 1
Shattered Skies, Chapter 31
Chapter 31: Hostile Territory
[Author's Note: Those of you reading this on FanFiction may have noticed that Shattered Skies: Viluy's Database is gone. The short explanation is that I was "nicely" informed that character guides technically qualify as "not a story", so I took both Viluy's Database and Stars Above's Demon Profiles down… after all I've posted on here, I don't want to risk my account. You can still find both the Database and the Demon Profiles on DA and AO3, and the former is also on WattPad. I'll be updating the Database on those sites only from now on.
In better news, new Shattered Skies art by ErinPtah, check it out:]
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
37th Floor - Library/Security Center
The destruction and subsequent total collapse of Viluy's lab did not go unnoticed. Vibration
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 15
These are art-type things that are done by me and organized in a gallery-ish fashion.

Random Favourites

Madoka by Murderouskid20 Madoka :iconmurderouskid20:Murderouskid20 39 7 Dreamer by rimuu Dreamer :iconrimuu:rimuu 10,310 492 BOOOKS! [Prints Available] by Jammerlee BOOOKS! [Prints Available] :iconjammerlee:Jammerlee 52 2 Meeting Tiger and Bunny by ryanswan5 Meeting Tiger and Bunny :iconryanswan5:ryanswan5 2 2 .:Ookami Moon:. by ToxicStarStudio .:Ookami Moon:. :icontoxicstarstudio:ToxicStarStudio 151 15 Precure s Sailor Moon: Sailor Scarlett by Puyo0702 Precure s Sailor Moon: Sailor Scarlett :iconpuyo0702:Puyo0702 48 3 Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Logo by HanaBomiChan Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star Logo :iconhanabomichan:HanaBomiChan 6 0 Janine the Insect Queen by Chronorin Janine the Insect Queen :iconchronorin:Chronorin 240 144 Idol Hooves-Maid Costume by slockins101 Idol Hooves-Maid Costume :iconslockins101:slockins101 18 7 Heart Moving by ErinPtah Heart Moving :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 72 2 Wild Card by ErinPtah Wild Card :iconerinptah:ErinPtah 78 5 SailorMoon by Alex-Asakura SailorMoon :iconalex-asakura:Alex-Asakura 254 9 The US is run by a budgie. by jollyjack The US is run by a budgie. :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,602 1,145 My Liberation by ImperialMoonlight My Liberation :iconimperialmoonlight:ImperialMoonlight 69 2 Nanachi and Mitty by Gannadene Nanachi and Mitty :icongannadene:Gannadene 453 36 star locket by Invader-celes star locket :iconinvader-celes:Invader-celes 542 29
These are various things that meet my with approval and warrant increased attention.


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BHS (Brian Stanley)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer. I write stuff that's generally weird, but mostly entertaining. I've been on DA since 2003, ranking me among the Official Community of Old Farts™.

I write an ongoing original YA fantasy series called Tasakeru. I also host a YouTube toy review series called Silent InvenTOYry.

I'm also a Trekkie, a Browncoat, an incurable Japanophile, a trainee in the Evil League of Evil, and a devoted follower of the Church of Madoka. Now serving as Founder of PuellaMagi!

Become my Patron!

Current Residence: Roanoke, VA
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Classical, J-Pop, J-Rock, Soundtracks
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: Media Player Classic
Shell of choice: Peanut butter in a candy shell.
Wallpaper of choice: Homura Akemi
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose from!
Personal Quote: "The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
Week 29 - Secret Precure Project
  • Tasakeru  Book IV: Twilight's Dreaming, Chapter 2: COMPLETE!
  • Tasakeru Patreon: 4 Patrons
  • YouTube Sub Count: 3,358 subscribers
  • Book II Appendix: 2 pages done
  • Shattered Skies, Chapter 37: 9 pages done
  • Shattered Skies: Viluy's Database Chapter 3: 3 pages done
  • Silent InvenTOYry Episode 08: Awaiting shipment
  • Secret Precure Project: ~40% done
Another short one this week, sorry. I've been spending a lot of time on a Precure project idea that I came up with last week... something that struck me out of the blue, and which amused me so much that I decided to go ahead with it. It's a lot of extra work on top of all my other projects, which makes me think that I must have some kind of masochistic streak... but I'm pretty consistently cracking myself up while making this, so that makes it worth it. Hopefully, the finished product will amuse at least a few of you too.

At the end of this week, I'm starting a record 12 days of intensive petsitting, so if I seem to have vanish off the face of the earth between then and August 3rd, that's the reason. I'm trying to get as much done as I can before the job starts. While I'm on duty, I'll have a lot of hours to burn sitting around while the animals aren't demanding food or voiding their bladders/bowels all over the place, so I'm hoping the duller moments will inspire some quality material. I can't complain too much; this job is going to pay for everything I need for the next full Silent InvenTOYry episode and then some. My goal is to get it out as close to the first week of August as possible.

Oh, and hey, tomorrow marks the end of my 30 day YouTube monetization suspension. I removed all the copyrighted stuff, so cross your fingers for a successful and speedy reapplication process, everybody.

  • Watching: Hugtto Precure, BNHA, Planet With
  • Playing: Overwatch, Fortnite, Elite: Dangerous

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Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2018
Hey there! I saw that my friend Hexidextrous mentioned how I like the recent anime/manga Magical Girl Site/Mahou Shoujo Site. To be honest, I don't like it as much as the beginning stuff can turn people off and gross them out. However, there is one thing that I enjoy about MSS, which is the same thing brought in my own magical girl series; it's a response to some questions brought up in Madoka Magica.

More specifically, it's the question as to why would someone want to become a magical girl. Because in Madoka Magica, most of the girls all lived normal lives before their contracts as magical girls. They just had insecurities that were exploited and sent them to hell after making the contract. In MSS, the girls all had miserable lives from the start (parents dying, bullying, rape, parental abuse, diseases that give them little time to live, etc). Becoming a magical girl is a miracle to them because they now have the power to escape that kind of hell. I mean, would you NOT choose Kyubey's contract over having nothing but misery in your life?

That's what I like about the show, in addition how the main character, besides being very parallel to my own, matures over time and heals other girls of their dysfunctional personalities.
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner May 15, 2018
I see why you like it. Yes I think Aya has it a lot worse than the Maho Shoujos for sure.
NeoChandler Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
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