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While throwing lines up on one of my "GETYOURAFTINGEARANDDRAWTHISSLAG" images i've been meaning to do which will lead to a bunch of other ones I need to do or i'll eat my hands (something of a catch phrase I use a bit much at times, eh heh), my brother was watching Transformers the Movie (2007) and it was near the end with all the cool Megatron scenes (his growling makes me twitch uncontrollably, take that as you will) and...I ended up pausing a moment and throwing this together. I felt pretty crappy anyway because I haven't drawn anything in the past few days, just dabbling in all ready settled images or coloring, so, this was nice to get out.

A little under 2 hours for the whole and on as I was gawking at the TV and multi-tasking as usual I guess.

Hastily done, but oh well...

I love Movie Megatron's design so very much, and one day want to be able to draw him without wanting to go crazy because the details in all the Movie-verse TFs are insane as hell, but arrrrgh...I like the monster side to them way too much.

I guess it doesn't help i've been keeping up on some of the info about the new movie, which makes me gleeful as all get out. Oh ho ho Stunticons.

But anywho...yes.

Movie Megatron © Hasbro/Takara.Tomy etc

And of course, I ended up blacking out his nose some and adding some of those things I normally end up doing...and his eyes... though I guess in a way it's hard to tell. Ignore me.
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This is insanely good! I love the linework and the digital painting along with the red gradients!