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TF - Swindle FACE



Color version of Swindle. Yeeeah. I guess he is more g1ified here but I really like the little collar they gave him in animated SO...I incorporated it into my version of his design, TFcross style. Wooo fun.


I am going to fangasm all over him.

Thought i'd let you know.

Also, if you read the description of the b/w version- the crazy quote we came up with as he tries to sell...Upgrades(or tupperware) some random femmebot off screen. Yup. Because I said so and that's how I roll.

"What? Upgrades? Of course I have those! Many of them! All around the galaxy I got them! Tell you what, i'll give you a deal, even install it for you, what do you say? Just back at my ship of course! Don't worry, no strings, honest! Is this a face that would lie to you? Of course not! What? You don't believe me? Want to know what the payment is up front? Oh, but then that would be ruining the deal, right? You wouldn't want to ruin the deal, would you? One time offer...come a little closer, it's sure to delight the processors...who could refuse such a great...bargain..."

Ahahhaa...trying to be smooth...I can't picture him without the TFA voice ever...its just...too much. Also, didn't realize the voice actor for him did the Boogey Man from Billy and Mandy so while i'm listening to the TV from upstairs I hear him and I can't help but laugh like, pretty hard at some points. Yeah, i'm a big kid. Whateva, I do what I want!
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"I'll make ya an offer ya just can't refuse!"