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So while out of state i've been doodling very little. BUT after watching a couple of episodes of MLP FIM with the kiddos I started wanting to doodle up a few of my old MLP characters in the MLP FIM style.

So for the moment, I got King and Monocle Sunset. Not sure how they look outside of my laptop right now but hopefully the colors are not that far off.

King is charismatic, manipulative, vain, powerful, and obsessed with gold and riches - If his ensemble didn't tip that off already. Gold, gold, and more gold. His mane and tail shimmer and roll like molten gold. Basically like Celestia's and Nightmare Moon's hair. Just Fluctuates in shades. If I could animate I would.

He has a "Midas' Touch" ability alongside quite a few other dangerous powers...that including his ability to shift into another form that is even more powerful. Hint, it's another fantasy critter of monstrous proportions that is obsessed Greed. I'm sure that won't be hard to guess considering there have been a few in the show already and one is a main character. Some factors must come into play for him to shift, but once he's at the point - it's pretty much Game over unless his weakness is figured out.

Anywho, King is mine. So yeah, please no takey.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
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He looks like a super Saiyan. So Awesome!
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That's a lot of gold..
Why am I imagining him and discord having a lex Luther and joker type of friendship
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I will regret saying this but that's kinda mary sue to me sorry ^^;
9blueTurtles's avatar
How so? (I'm confused how this is seen as Mary Sue, so please explain!) 
aMysticalArtist's avatar
(please don't hurt me no offense and nothing personal)
 Well first of all the bright color irritates my eyes and i don't like bright yellow and there is no multi-colors just one color only in the body
His cutie mark makes no sense to me and he's wearing heavy armor i think he should wear something lighter 
his eye well i am kinda confused about the eye brow its almost like a drag king
Also mary sues suppose to say it only in girls and its kinda weird :/
flutteron234's avatar
It's called Gary stew and also he is an alicorn
aMysticalArtist's avatar
Why you?!!
i don't know where is this gary stu come from (new to me)
this i was trying to say what the hell....
I asure you that not all alicorns are gary stu whatever and they are not stew either.
HorizonDreams's avatar
I don't really see anything Gary Stu/mary Sue about his design persay, since he is supposed to represent gold and greed, I feel that and over the top design really helps get across the idea! I think they called him a mary sue because he seems a bit over powered?
9blueTurtles's avatar
Oh, i'm not mad)
Well, what you described wasn't really Mary Sue persay, more just things you don't like.
Also the cutie mark makes sense when you think about it, a golden crown? I mean he is a greedy king.
aMysticalArtist's avatar
Precisely greed that's what i want to say well i honestly don't know much about mary sue sorry i guess you know more than me ^^ so what do you know about it?
9blueTurtles's avatar
Mary Sue, to me at least, is when a character can no longer be challenged. When nothing, no one or anything besides the author themselves can be a problem.
It can also mean troped characters, such as being 'cute and nice but viscous and cruel'
There's a  lot of tropes but that was just one.
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Turning stuff into gold and transforming into a nigh-unbeatable dragon qualify, to say nothing of other aspects of his design. Sues aren't just unchallengeable characters, they're unbalanced characters.

But hey, I still like it. Considering that FIM has object/concept-themed characters/royalty already, I think this kind of design isn't that farfetched.. Though I do think his owner should consider a more-balanced bio for him, if she's at all interested in that sort of thing. I doubt it even really matters, though, given that he's pretty much an ornament/pretty art subject.
9blueTurtles's avatar
True! Mary Sues/ Gary Stus can be unbalanced as well. That's sorta where the unchallengeable thing comes in, but yeah I agree
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Cow hooves? 
That's just weird...
Why not normal hooves?
Avristed's avatar
Fun fact: the unicorns of real-world myth had cloven hooves.
9blueTurtles's avatar
Hooves shmooves, does that really take away that much from the pic itself? (Which is pretty cool) I hope not
Shadow-Sword212's avatar
He's like: I AM GOD!
Mannyworverine's avatar
love that golden coating you gave her its great .looks like how sweetie belle went all bronze gold in one bad apple bavs seed episode .peace and /)
BunnehCola's avatar
Kinda over board but really awesome!
LukeTheRipper's avatar
So regal >3
Looks awesome, but the eyelashes and mane look kinda out of place |3 make him look kinda androgynous |3
TheDragonoyd1847's avatar
Androgyny can always make someone even more awesome!
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