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Dinosaur Violence



Something that came to mind when I woke up this morning, for some reason. I think it was mostly while I was fiddling in thought processes yesterday, I remembered I used to draw a lot of dinosaurs and dinosaur violence. LOTS of dinosaur violence. I do not have these images anymore, but eh...I felt like throwing one down and seeing how it flowed.

Supposed to be like dust but it came out looking like smoke or fog. Will work on that-a lot harder to play around with traditionally since i'm rusty as all get out.

Oh lord. Is that some raptors? Ugggggh. Raptors. *waits*

More practice with the paper and the pencil and the pen. Still a bit gun shy about touching ze practice, practice...*vomits*

I was violated for saying it was horrible. Thanks :icondestructivecon:

The long neck is reminiscent of a Saltasaurus - but I generally didn't have a specific sauropod in mind.

And ugh, microns are so much better then these other pens I got-I used to use microns all the time. Ended up having to get some because the others were just all sorts of ugh.

Errors abound, will just have to fix that next time. These foot notes are just to remind me when I look back on these. Kinda like how I want to rip my eyes out when I look at stuff from last year. Don't raff, you do it too.
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