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bhitman Carbon - v1.02



Columns UI and panel stack splitter theme bhitman Carbon

IMPORTANT: works with foobar2000 and newer

* foobar2000 config for Columns UI and Panel Stack Splitter
* last version : v1.02
* release date : 15th December 2008

* updates: 2 new mini windows

All needed (updated) components are included!

Needed fonts:
digital.ttf, dungeon.ttf, segoeui.ttf, HandelGotDLig.ttf [link]

The vizualization for shpeck named Classic Spectrum Analyzer is from [link]

A very good site of components updates: (mixed japanese and english) [link]

Explore all the build-in functions (e.g. live-rating with the stars at top right corner or visualizations)

Short install description
1. copy the fonts to x:\Windows\Fonts\*.*

2. Unzip bHitman to a folder.

3. copy the files and directories to x:\program files\foobar2000\*.*

4. choose in menu
Display -> Columns UI
and restart foobar.

5. choose in menu
Columns UI the tab main
import -> (x:\program files\foobar2000\bhitman Carbon.fcl

For album art you need the following syntax of the album art pictures: folder.jpg or folder.png, back.jpg or back.png.
The artist pictures should be saved in x:\program files\foobar2000\Artists\%artist%.jpg

In x:\program files\foobar2000\z.imports you find the configs of all the needed plugins like Peakmeter, Elplaylist, etc. (import format).
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Nice skin :clap: . What's the name of the blue font near "Künstler" and "Album"? The one with horizontal scanlines, like a computer screen from the early 80's