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Mai Shiranui- King of Fighters

Fanime 2010
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OMG, I saw this in a KOF collection, and I have to say.. WOW. You make a really good Mai Shiranui! Nice hair, too. Pretty accurate, minus the Oppai. Cheers!
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Wait..,, minus the oppai? Are you saying she is too big?
lag-roil's avatar
No, just a little too flat. She looks soo good it doesn't even matter!
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Oh. Ok I got confused there. She definitely better all around than the Mai they choose for the live action movie. She was flat personality and cup-wise :p
lag-roil's avatar
Yes, why Maggie Q? Shizuka Nakamura would've nailed it. 
VideoGameStupid's avatar
I don't know who Shizuka is but I would've chosen Hitomi Tanaka ;p. At least she would be able to capture Mai's "spirit" :giggle:
lag-roil's avatar
I mean this cute lady:

Or Akiho Yoshizawa, if you prefer.

* Fun Fact! * Nakamura also starred in a Power Rangers film once.
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Shizuka is very cute from what I've seen in that link. She isn't as big as Hitomi but she could pull off Mai. Hell she could probably even pull off Athena or Yuri but with how 'tarded Hollywood is those characters wouldn't appear in a live action KOF movie anyway. I could see Akiho(if she had short hair) playing Vice... not even sure if Vice is Asian or not in the games but if she is then Akiho should play her.
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You look so beautiful as Mai! And sexy, too!
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really amazing outfit love it alot really nice job on this
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I love your Mai cosplay :XD: :love: :kiss:
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omg that Sexy <3
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Thanks guys! <3 I'm planning on rewearing her for fanime! see you there!!
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