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:: In Agony :: RC

By bhast2
Download here [link]

Release Notes for In Agony Release Candidate Visual Style By Bill Hast aka bhast2
copyright 2010 Bill Hast aka bhast2

You need permission to edit this Visual Style and all the images in the msstyle file or in any folder that comes in the zip file.
You can contact me at or at [link] or at [link]

I want to thank
barberiox for the idea and for the main resources
Mr Grim
People at [link]
Ave for WSB
Adobe for Photoshop CS5

How to install:
First you have to install "theme resource changer". Pick it for your system.

Now after that is installed you need to move the In Agony folder to C:WindowsResourcesTheme
Than move the In Agony.theme file there too.

that is it

This is a RC of the Visual Style
msstyle file should be 99% complete there are a few things I am pry going to change but I wanted to put
something out before the New Year.
I will finish up the 1% that needs to be finished in the msstyle file and than I am going to finish up on the
dll edits and get that released.

Enjoy and please report all bugs so I can get them fixed before the final is done.

If you like my work and want to see more help out and DONATE [link]

Download here [link]
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Link matot dead paeh mati

ass adds link instead of fucking theme

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Not working for me :( I dont know what i did wrong. copied folder and file but it looks bad
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$1.50 = cheap , i reckon but then again nix is better but agree or disagree it's still a wicked theme. Thanks
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Do you think you could help me with installing the In Agony Theme?
There's nothing but a web address in a text file - what a big con!!!!
Yeah,,, How to download the theme..
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Read description perhaps?
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Thanks for nothing -.-
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Its in the paid only part of your site and you have nothing in your free section... I feel cheated.
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I am working on it
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I Have Never Seen Something So Beautiful,Astounding Job!!!!
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I am going to port it to Windows 8 next
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fantastic work :)
Nice work. Download link unavailable....
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Yeah I had to move to a different server I am uploading all of my Visual Styles now
been busy getting the databases working on the new server
So in a few hours at the most everything should be working again
Finnaly I download the theme and I found a little bug. When I select multiple files ( in list view in explorer, then I deselect (CTRL+CLICK) some photos from those previously selected, the last photo I deselect remain "selected". The file is not really selected but the " selected colour" are still on that photo. I'm not shure if you understand that phenomenon because of my pour english, so that I take some screenshots and send them to your email.
Best work, anyway...
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looks great man nice work
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