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Download here [link]

Release Notes for In Agony Release Candidate Visual Style By Bill Hast aka bhast2
copyright 2010 Bill Hast aka bhast2

You need permission to edit this Visual Style and all the images in the msstyle file or in any folder that comes in the zip file.
You can contact me at or at [link] or at [link]

I want to thank
barberiox for the idea and for the main resources
Mr Grim
People at [link]
Ave for WSB
Adobe for Photoshop CS5

How to install:
First you have to install "theme resource changer". Pick it for your system.

Now after that is installed you need to move the In Agony folder to C:WindowsResourcesTheme
Than move the In Agony.theme file there too.

that is it

This is a RC of the Visual Style
msstyle file should be 99% complete there are a few things I am pry going to change but I wanted to put
something out before the New Year.
I will finish up the 1% that needs to be finished in the msstyle file and than I am going to finish up on the
dll edits and get that released.

Enjoy and please report all bugs so I can get them fixed before the final is done.

If you like my work and want to see more help out and DONATE [link]

Download here [link]
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