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Embedded for Windows 8 RTM

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Published: June 16, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 bhast2
Here it is Finally and Custom Visual Style for Windows 8
UPDATE 2/10/2015

Thanks to Ave for WSB
Thanks to Panda-x for the help thru all of these years in creating Visual Styles for Windows 7 and now into the future of Windows 8.

Read the Readme file before using

Check out my Visual Styles for Windows 7 here
UPDATE 11/15/2012
I have fixed a few bugs with this Visual Style and if you bought the Visual Style you should have received an email with the download link if not please message me or send me an email from
Fixes for this update are for the small taskbar and getting it to fully work and fixes to the taskbar buttons to work combined or uncombined
Updated to work with RTM

Noticed a bug in the bottom frame fixed it
added different buttons to go with the VS
minor changes
Included the Wallpaper

Bill (aka bhast2)

download in the win 8 VS section on my site at
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where i download this theme.
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What's the differenz to 'embedded' by ~andr1525 [link]???
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ummm there isn't anything there on that link
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was a re-edition even with the same preview... In fact it was a theft - and the admins seemed to have deleted it ;-)
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thats messed up they should ban him
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du hast dir wohl den kopf sehr schwer angehauen 3$ für soein scheiß design da bekomme ich ja ein besseres hin
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Have no idea what ur saying here
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$5? sorry but not worth it. I just read "3 dollars is not alot of money yet it says $5. And not wanting to pay $5 is not getting bent out of shape. Giving people a hard time for not wanting to pay then upping the price shows your real colors. Make something that looks like it took alot of work not copy and paste.
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Here is more proof that it is only 3 dollars
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It is only 3 dollars
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Looks nice but I don't pay for themes. I wish you good luck. Perhaps you should design themes for Windows Blinds, I've heard that their theme designer make money.
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Well this is the way it is
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It's the way YOU DECIDED that it should be! It's not necessary the way it is!!! It's by decision not by nature.

As it's said: good luck ;-)
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If u don't like it go buy WSB and buy Photoshop and make your own themes ok
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I didn't say I don't like it. It's a great VS :clap:
It just said, that it is your decision and not some ind of fate. That's what I said. Everybody tries to tell us, that this business is kind of a natural thing... It's not!
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What I mean by " don't like it" was about selling it. Why do people get up in arms about this stuff. I put the work in I put in the time. I buy the programs to make the vs's and people get all bent out of shape cause I or other people sell their work. 3 dollars is not a lot of money. Like I said before if u don't want to pay. Than buy the programs ur self and make your own themes.
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Thanks for reply. That's a word :thumbsup:
Definitely better than just saying: it is like it is ;-)
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As I've said; good luck. ;-)
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SimplexDesignsARTHobbyist Interface Designer
Looks great but there is no way anyone should have to pay for a visual style. if you want money, use windows blinds!
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Looks bland as hell. And you're charging money for it?

>hurr i maek it gray and add a shadow it so hard 2 do pls gib moni
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