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Yuddha Kand (Ramayana) by Bhargav08 Yuddha Kand (Ramayana) by Bhargav08

Yuddha Kand (युद्ध कांड) continues the story of Ramayana, where the entire Army of Ram reaches at Lanka. The strategies are built for battle. Meanwhile, Vibhishan, younger brother of Ravan, was thrown out by his brother and is sheltered by Ram. When Ram suggests to send an envoy for the last chance, Angad, son of Baali, approaches to take the honour. However, Ram is reluctant, but he is convinced that Angad would do great. Finally, he agrees to send Angad as an envoy. When Angad goes to meet Ravan, he isn’t offered any seat. So he creates his own seat from tail, which strangely grew enormously long and high. Angad sits higher than the king and warns him for the last time to surrender. However, Ravan denies. Then, Angad challenges everyone in the court to move his feet an inch. Everyone in court tries too hard, but no one is able to move his feet even an inch. Finally, when Ravan approaches, Angad leaves the court saying that if Ravan wants to touch someone feet, be it Ram’s.

The most brutal war begins where two enormous armies collide. Meghnad uses his magic powers and ties Ram and Lakshman’s bodies with snakes. Hanuman requests Garuda to free them. Garuda, being Vishnu’s mount, helps his lord. Ravan awakes Kumbhkarna, his giant brother, who is used to sleep six months a year. Kumbhkarna also suggests him to surrender, but Ravan doesn’t listen to him. Eventually, Kumbhkarna was also slayed by Ram in the battle. Meanwhile, Meghnad attacks Lakshman with Pashupatastra, which makes Lakshman heavily wounded and unconscious. Anxious Ram weeps over his beloved brother’s condition, while witty Jambavan informs him about the Sanjeevani medicine that can save Lakshman’s life. Hanuman agrees to bring the medicine from the Himalayas in the north. Hanuman flies at the speed of light and reaches at Himalayas. Unable to find real Sanjeevani, he lifts up one of the mountains and starts flying back. Near Ayodhya, Bharat sees some ape flying with a huge mountain, and he shoots him down. Wounded Hanuman chants the name of Ram, which surprises Bharat. Hanuman introduced himself and informs about all the things. Bharat wants to send army of Ayodhya, but Hanuman says that Ram wouldn’t accept it. Hanuman quickly leaves in order to reach Lanka at right time. Before the sunrise, he arrives at Lanka and Lakshaman is being healed.

When Lakshman hears about Meghnad’s invincibility prayer, he decides to break it in kill Meghnad. He and Hanuman go to find Meghnad, and interrupts his prayer. Meghnad furiously attacks on Lakshman, but Lakshman eventually kills him. Ravan has now no choice but to fight himself. He comes to fight on the last day. Indra tries to gift his celestial chariot to Ram for the final battle, but Ram refuses and sends it back. When Ravan goes up in the air in his flying Pushpaka Vimana, Hanuman grows huge and offers Ram a ride. Ram mounts on Hanuman’s shoulder, and Hanuman flies in the air, eventually, Ravan falls out. Ram continuously chops his head off, but he grows it back at very next moment. Vibhishan informs about the secret of Ravan’s invincibility. Ram finally shoots the arrow in Ravan’s navel, causing him dead.

Vibhishan is crowned as the new king of Lanka and Sita is freed with honour. However, when Ram hears whispers about his army’s uncertainty about Sita’s purity, he decides to prove them wrong. He asks Sita to give Agnipariksha, which Sita agrees to take. Sita returns safe from the fire, proving all of them wrong. And Ram embraces her with love. They all return to Ayodhya in Pushapaka Vimana, where Ram goes to meet his beloved brother first. Bharat falls on his brother’s feet, while Ram embraces his beloved brother and takes him back to the palace, where all three mothers welcome them all. Ram also forgives Manthara, who has kept herself closed in a dark room. All people burn lamps, celebrating Ram’s arrival, as Dipawali. The official coronation is held where Lord Shiva himself comes to see, Ram being crowned as the emperor. And the most famous, honest and prosperous era of Ram Rajya begins. 

Here the Ramayana series ends. 

NOTE: Uttara kand won't be depicted in this series. 

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