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ARJUN: The Pandava Prince by Bhargav08 ARJUN: The Pandava Prince by Bhargav08
ARJUN is the stablest person the Mahabharata Epic has ever mentioned. He is often misunderstood in many ways. And the most common thing we hear is who was better between Karna and Arjun. However we can't compare them. But even if we want to, here is simple explanation. Karna always felt that he was underestimated by people just because he was born in Shudra Family, while he was already honored as the King of Anga by Duryodhana. From his childhood after refusal of Drona, he always thought Arjun as his enemy, and just wanted to defeat him throughout his life. He learnt archery from Parshuram to show the world that he was better than Arjun. This hatred led him to dark side, to Kauravas side who were only using him against Pandavas. On the other side, Arjun was as capable as Karna in all perspectives. But he never wanted to prove anything to anyone. He never wanted to prove his supremacy in this world. Arjun was calm and stable, while Karna had grown arrogance. And this makes Arjun different from Karna. Supremacy comes from character and attitude too.

Drona asked Eklavya's thumb so that he could make Arjun the greatest archer. But Arjun even hated himself for being the reason for that creul deed. However, if Eklavya would have become great, Duryodhana would use him, as he did with Karna. Otherwise, he would be of no use. Besides, that story occurred during teenage, and we can't presume that he would have become greatest. Many bright kids turn out to be average in youth. Eklavya, Karna and Arjun, all were great warriors, but it's Arjun's kindness and personality that makes him the greatest among them. 

Arjun, the great warrior who could neither be seduced nor be distracted. His aim had no greed or ambition. His aim was only to explore the depth of archery. In entire Mahabharata, Arjun endured more years of exile than anyone else. First, Pandavas lived in exile after their birth for few years. Then after Lakshagraha, they lived in Hidimba Van for few years and then returned to Hastinapur with Draupadi after the Swayamwar. At Indraprashta, when he had to take his Gandiva from Draupadi's chamber in spite of knowing that could result him 12 years of exile. But he did his Karma and accepted the 12 years of exile. In those years, he wandered and meditated to gain celestial weapons. After Game of Dice, they had to go in 13 years of exile, where Arjun fought with Indra against Asuras. And he also meditated hard to gain extreme dangerous weapons like Pashupatastra and so all. Thus, he endured more than 35 years of exile in his entire life. He hadn't got those weapons or archery easily. His hardships and his hard work gave him that result. Yes, he had to kill Karna when he shouldn't. But if Karna had won, Kauravas would've won, and they would led entire generation in dark age where rapes and other crimes would be more than one could ever expect. That's why Krishna used these tricks and made Arjun to do such things. After all, during the battle of Matsya, Arjun alone defeated the entire army of Hastinapur along with Karna, Bhishma and Drona. Because that was his only chance to take revenge of Draupadi's humiliation. After all, Draupadi was meant to be his wife. It was that story of dividing among five that gave Draupadi 5 husbands. Arjun was more furious than anyone else at that time. Arjun was even greater than Bhishma and Drona. It's just he didn't want to lose his beloved grandfather and respectful mentor. Bhishma had boon of death on his own wish. Arjun couldn't kill him, but he could wound him badly. That's why during war, Krishna becomes angry on Arjun and orders him to shoot arrows without seeing relations. Only he received Gita Gyan from the Supreme Lord, because only he was capable of it. 

36 years later the war of Mahabharata when Arjun went to save remaining people of Dwarka, he saw the ocean swallowing the entire Dwarka. When he was returning Indraprashtha with people, they were robbed. Arjun tried to launch celestial weapons, but all his hard work and weapons which he had gained with so much distress, had gone with the Lord. He was still a great archer, who could shoot an arrow more efficiently than anyone else. Divinity in his weapons had gone, because the main purpose why he had received these things, was over. The purpose of his life was also over. And then, Pandavas decided to retire in Himalayas. 

Yet some people refuse to accept him as the greatest archer. Arjun was indeed the greatest archer and the kindest warrior. 
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