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MLP - Timey Wimey (Finished)

MLP - The Lost Sun (Finished)

MLP - Twist of Faith (Finished)

MLP - Celestia's destiny (Finished)

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Commission CLOSED Making MLP comics here, like Timey Wimey, Art Block or recently The Lost Sun, and more soon! I don't take requests, art trade or collab'. Feel free to join our Discord and say hello, here!

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Announcement - The Princess of Love by Lummh, journal

Hello there, It's been a while, years even, since you started seeing teasers of that comic project popping up here most Wednesdays. Teasers with Daybreaker, Luna, Tempest, lots of Cadance, of course... Interesting stuff, huh? It would be even more interesting if it wasn't behind a paywall, right? And why is it behind a paywall anyway? To have as much content ready as possible for an uninterrupted schedule? It takes forever! Just how long will it remain like that? Right?! We're already over 100 pages of content ready by now! Even songs (and a bit of animation)! Locked behind that freaking paywall! Isn't that crazy?! Don't you think it would be cool to share it with more people for free? That would be cool, yeah! Well, let's see if it can be another Christmas gift for you. No promises, but we'll try our hardest to make it happen. If it's not before Christmas, then it'll be right after. I want to hit the Christmas mark, you see. For reasons you'll understand by seeing that
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My motivation to draw and paint is shot. How do you stay motivated when the furry and pony ai community gives you constant BS? I don't get it.

'cause I don't care at all about AI nor do I care about community BS :v

I just do my own thing without giving a damn~

Good luck with getting back your motivation :/

Hello @Lummh are you there and if so i will like to talk to you if you would hear me out because i was wonderin if you are taking art suggestions (which are not art requests) if you don't mind me asking because i'm curious if i could ask you my 2 separate art suggestions

I'm not interested~

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There's no "Do whatever you want" option :/

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