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Android: Widgets

By bharathp666
~Android Widgets~

Android default widget pack contains: 14 widgets PSD Templates

- Analogue Clock
- Buzz
- Calendar
- Facebook
- Latitude
- Market
- Music
- Picture Frame
- Power control
- Twitter
- Voice Inbox
- Voice settings
- Weather
- Youtube

+ Notification Bar with customizable Notification icons
+ Launcher Tray with customizable Launcher icons

License: There is no license attached to this work. You are free to use them with or without modification.
© 2010 - 2021 bharathp666
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Such a great designs.Your good bharathp666  ..
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if you do freelance work contact me ASAP
WOW, these templates are so great! I'm a beginner in the realms of Android UI designing and they will surely help me much. Thanks a lot!!!
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is this for android or windows?
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very awesome work you did here gonna go perfect for the ICS Desktop im making yes i know its been done 20 times over but idk i love the way it looks and im soo addicted to android its not even funny!!!
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Very good design.
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Perfect post. Here’s a tool that lets youbuild any type of web app widget in minutes, without coding [link] fortune/
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great... thanks for the link..:)
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I think it looks great
but, I am not sure how to set it up?
If it helps, I use an HTC Inspire 4g
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I'm sorry but this is just a mock-up of android widgets..
This is NOT a screenshot from a device..
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So Awesome!!!!!! Thank you!
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Thank you! I was looking for something like this (also like the sample text ;) )
very beautiful.. but can you teach me how to install it in my computer..? please help me.. sorry im new hir..
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These are just designs and are not for installing on a computer..But you can use the images to customize yourself..
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thanks for share.Elegant work!!!
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why does this remind me of x86 xD
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:D.. thats where widgets and customization started..
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