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How Raditz turned good :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 0 3
If FRanch apeared in ARDBZ
Narrator : 13 years after the Lazuli and Lapis rampage, the remaining Z warriors were planning a comeback
Ranch : Man cousin i miss father, why does he have go to lord Karin for a staring contest?
Gohan : Beats me, like father like uncle
Goten : But do you think uncle Raditz can still save us?
Trunks : I hope so
(Meanwhile at Karin's tower)
Yajirobe : Man will you guys stop doing this?
Karin : Shut up Yajirobe, now Raditz maybe you should help your dauther, and your nephews?
Raditz : Nah they will be all good by themselfs
(Back to the battlefield)
(Scenes of Lazuli and Lapis killing FGohan)
Ranch : Daddy where are you? ;( (Goes SSJ for the first time)
Goten : D*mn, big bro no! ;(
Trunks : Mr. Gohan no! ;(
(Back to Karin's)
Raditz : Yeah it would be all ok
Karin : ...........................
Yajirobe : Sigh, he really is like the old Goku
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 0
Old harpy by BH-Ouji Old harpy :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 0 11 Glaceon can't learn Blizzard by BH-Ouji Glaceon can't learn Blizzard :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 12 Pokemon adventure red chapter Misty by BH-Ouji Pokemon adventure red chapter Misty :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 5 10 Our workshop's bunny by BH-Ouji Our workshop's bunny :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 2
Mature content
BH game 3 All Pans here! :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 1 6
Mature content
DBZA Majin Buu saga episode prediction :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 0 5
Sailor Vegeta by BH-Ouji
Mature content
Sailor Vegeta :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 12
TFS cut scene
(When Goku was beating up the annoying Nappa)
Vegeta : Wait a second something not right here, back an year ago, Kakarot lost to 1 Raditz, and now he beats up the equivalent to 5 Raditzs, which means....
Gohan : Which means what?!
Vegeta : ....POWER LEVELS ARE BULLSH*T!!! (breaks scouter)
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 10
DBZA alternative take
During the Nappa & Vegeta battle
Nappa : Oh look Vegeta it's a human
Piccolo jr : Hey i take defence to that
Kurilin : He was reffering to me Piccolo, and it's not a insult, the humans are fine proud race of......
Nappa : That means his IQ is lower than mine, right Vegeta?
Kurilin : O_o
Vegeta : Punix
Mr. Popo (at God's lookout) : hahahaha, silly maggot
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 0 0
Kelloggs finally in poland by BH-Ouji Kelloggs finally in poland :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 7
Mature content
Trunkie snaps :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 2 0
Future Videl learns to fly and use KI
"OK Videl, i shall so you what "KI" is" said Future Gohan as he was blushing from Videl's hot outfit
He showed her a KI from his hands and asks her to try it herself, fortually Videl learned it quickly
"So master Gohan, can you teach me how to fly now? Also that epic skill you know "Masenko" or whatever it's called" asked Future Videl and Gohan replied "Hehe you have as much potential as Trunks and Goten, ok i show you"
After 2 days Videl learned to fly and shot KI blasts, that day, also she learned shockwave
"So, in order to do a masenko, you have to raise your hands up and charge your KI, try it" couraged Gohan his new pupil........while still blushing
Videl quickly learned the masenko breaking a tiny mountain in the process
"Wow thank you master, here i give you my present for you" said Future Videl and she kisses Gohan, blushing Gohan
"Hehe big sister sure learns quick huh?" Said Goten happily "Yeah, mr. Gohan is a great teacher" replied Future Trunks
:iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 4 5
My birthday cake 2018 by BH-Ouji My birthday cake 2018 :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 9 9 Cave bear's cave info by BH-Ouji Cave bear's cave info :iconbh-ouji:BH-Ouji 3 0


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This happends during saiyan saga, Goku just grabbed Raditz's tail and weakened him

Raditz : Damn, little brother please let me go
Goku : Why would i wanna do that? You're a heartless bastard who tried to kill me
Raditz : (Damn it to hell, what should i do? I know) Please if you let me go, i shall tell you about the true evil
Piccolo jr : Son, don't let go his tail! That's his plan!
Goku : What is this even more baddie than you saiyans?
Raditz : Freeza! I need your help so please let me go!
Goku : OK then (Goku let's go his tail)
Raditz : (smirks) OK time to train so we can beat him, we need Vegeta and Nappa to join too thought
Goku : Are "they" are the saiyans who are stronger than you?
Raditz : Yes, but we must train so we can recruit them againts Freeza, let's make you a Super Saiyan too, if the legend is true
Goku : Super Saiyan?
(Meanwhile on Freeza planet)
Zarbon : Lord Freeza, one of saiyans wants to start a rebelion againts you
Freeza : Let him come, he will soon learn the wrath of lord Freeza
Dodoria : Yes sire
Zarbon : BTW He also talks about the so called "Super Saiyan"
Freeza : O_o Super Saiyan?! (Freeza pees in his pants) i still think it's a legend but we must be careful
How Raditz turned good
My version of how Raditz should turn good, since i don't like :iconmasako-kun:'s version of Raditz being a coward

Here one user said that bringing MYSTIC Gohan and Gotenks to fight KID Buu would be their demise! WTF?! Didn't Gohan owned Super Buu who was stronger than Kid Buu?


Hey there, i'm Bartek "BH"

Favourite cartoon character : Bardock, Raditz, Vegeta, Broli, Vegetto, Piccolo jr, Future Trunks (DB), Sailor V, Eudial, Sailor iron mouse (SM), Clover, Alex (Totally spies), Uncle Scrooge (Duck Tales), Papa smurf, Clumsy smurf, Handy smurf, Sasette, Nat (child form) (old smurfs polish dub), the female eeveelutions (excluding Espeon), Caterpie and it's evolutions, Cubone (Pokemon), most dog family members (except McWolf, the fox from Reksio), Benny the Ball, Choo Choo (Top Cat)
Roleplays : Leonardo (TMNT, all versions), Evil Lunch, SSJ4 Gogeta, Kid Buu (pre Earth explosion), Umigame (Dragon Ball) Mario, Red Yoshi, Princess Peach (Nintendo), Crissy (Friday the 13th VG), Dick Dastardly, Daphne (HB cartoons), Triton, the Sultan, Lucky, Zipper (Disney cartoons), Speedy Gonzales (WB), Yoshimitsu (Tekken series), First Warlock, First Dark Angel, First Black Knight, First evil Wizard (Dungeon Keeper 2), Arale's teacher (Dr. Slump)

My fanfic characters' designs' authors

:iconmichsto: :iconyugoku-chan: :icondb-onriz: :icontuninho22:

Check them out ^^

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