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Warning! Waring! Engine Malfunction! Brace for impact! Samus' gunship alerts the already known space hunter as it lands on Tallon IV, a planet she had already visited. She wasn't going there on official business, Samus just wanted to check up on the healing world. However, as she neared Tallon IV, a massive meteor struck her vessel, barely hitting the engines. Doing the best she could for a controlled descent, Samus hit the ground hard, rendering her unconscious as she knocked her head against the controls. This resets all of the power suit's abilities, making the armor useless as Samus would have to find power-ups left behind by the Chozo.

Waking up from the crash, Samus blinks as the sunlight shines through the hole in her gunship. Looking around, she notices more damage and realizes that she'll need to find a new way off the planet. Not to mention that her power suit has been reset. "Of course, every time I start an adventure, this always happens." Samus sighs in disbelief. "Well, it's not like there are any space pirates left. And I'm pretty sure dark me isn't here either. Might as well walk around without it." Shedding her signature armor off, Samus is left in her skin-tight blue suit. "I won't be totally defenseless. I still have my paralyzer to fend off any foe I come across." Samus smirks as she holds her pistol. "Ok then, time to find out what shot me down."

Departing her broken ship, Samus heads off into the newly developed forest. After she cleared it from Phazon, a poison that struck the planet years ago, Tallon IV started to heal itself. Firstly as the vegetation, as Samus walked by, she noticed a plethora of revived plant life. She would have liked to study this new flora if she wasn't focused on finding a way off this planet. Samus hoped that there was still at least one usable ship left by the space pirates she could use. Her journey to the abandoned facility was rather uneventful as Samus walked up to the building. It wasn't until she passed through the entranceway that things went downhill.

Walking through the carcass of the research facility, Samus felt a chill run down her spine as if she was being watched. Looking all around, she couldn't detect anyone, even the cameras were without juice. Pushing her paranoia to the back of her skull, Samus continues to march forward. Making her way to the hangar through the maze of hallways, Samus stopped in her tracks as doors began to close.

"What? I thought the power was all gone?" Samus looks around as the lights kick in. "I must not be alone then..." Getting her pistol ready for confrontation, Samus looks at the door. "If only I head my arm cannon, I'd be able to shoot right through this." Samus sighs as she puts her hand on the metallic surface. Unknown to the space hunter, another was in there with her, one cloaked in invisibility.

Charging up a beam, the other entity shot the unsuspecting Samus and locked her in Phazon. Unable to move, Samus scorned herself for letting her guard down. Hearing nothing but a sinister laugh, Samus immediately knew who it was: Dark Samus. Wondering where her doppelganger went, it became apparent that she came back here looking for any Phazon left. Relishing that she caught Samus, Dark Samus spent a little too much time laughing as the Phazon wore off, and Samus was able to move again.

"Even if you have my abilities, you're nothing like me." Samus says as she fires off her gun, hitting Dark Samus multiple times. "Hmph, too easy. If only I had my armor. You'd be a gonAH..." Samus yelped as she was struck from the back. In her moment of triumph, Samus forgot one crucial detail: Dark Samus can make Echoes of herself.

Being knocked down, Samus accidentally drops her only weapon, leaving her completely vulnerable. The blast she received from Dark Samus left a hole in her skin-tight blue jumpsuit, which added to her vulnerability. Before Dark Samus could continue her assault, Samus swept her legs, knocking her down. Not wanting to fall here, Samus quickly got up and darted through the hallway. Unfortunately for the space hunter, the floor wasn't structurally sound. Finding out the hard way, Samus fell on her tushie as the floor underneath her collapsed, making her slide down.

"Woah!" The blonde haired woman screamed as she descended faster. Seeing the end, Samus remembered what was below her and started to panic. Leaning all the way back and holding her arms out, Samus hoped to at least slow down. Closing her eyes, Samus braced for the edge and wondered how far of a drop it was. She never got her answer as something had stopped her from falling.

Bouncing in the air a couple of times, Samus felt a sharp pain in her rear as she realized what saved her. A tear formed in the mighty space hunter's eye as she looks back to see her bright orange panties sticking out. Never in her life would she have thought that a wedgie would save her. Now here she was, suspended in the air by her once comfortable panties. Looking down, she notices the floor beneath her wasn't that far, so Samus started to bounce in hopes that her panties would soon rip.

"Come on! It's been nearly an hour!" Samus whined as she was still in her hanging wedgie. At least Dark Samus hadn't appeared, or she'd be a goner. Taking a break from bouncing, Samus let her legs dangle as she thought of other ways to get down. Looking at the edge, which was higher due to her panties stretching, Samus noticed a line that ran to a lever on the wall. Wondering if that lever could help in any way, Samus began to swing from side to side. "Almost there..." Samus whispers to herself as she could touch it with her fingertips. "Got it!" Samus yelled as she pulled the lever down, which extends the floor more until she could reach the one beneath her.

Touching the ground, Samus sighs as she's able to extract her panties free and stuffs them back into her jumpsuit. Unfortunately, her freedom was short-lived as one of Dark Samus' echoes found her and began to attack. Shooting a beam of Phazon at her, the clone had strict orders to bring Samus back alive. Dodging the beam, Samus jumps from floor to floor as she tries to escape. As if her luck ran out, another echo appeared in front of her and started shooting at her as well. With them coming from both sides, Samus was trapped until finally, one hit her, locking her in a prison of Phazon.

Unable to move for the moment, Samus wondered why they simply didn't terminate her there. It wasn't until she felt a hand slither down her jumpsuit did she realize what was happening. Gripping the orange fabric, the echo yanked it out, causing Samus to contort her face in pain. Slowly walking back to Dark Samus, the echo dragged the original by her panties. Every once in a while, the other echo would shoot Samus with another beam, keeping her trapped in Phazon. The walk back was long as the echoes would stop to yank at her panties, taking turns in playing with the stretchy cloth.

Taking a break in dragging the space hunter, the echoes hung her up on a hook in the wall. Samus sighed at being in another hanging wedgie, on the positive, she could now freely move her aching limbs. Stretching her arms and legs out, Samus discovers why they had hung her up. Walking towards her was none other than her doppelganger. Dark Samus raised her right arm and shot a beam at Samus, locking her in place. Dark Samus then walked forward and removed Samus from the hook, dropping her on the floor. Looking at the stretched out panties, Dark Samus reached out and began yanking on them.

"Eeeeee!" Samus shrieked as the Phazon started to wear off. Unable to do much, Samus was at the mercy of Dark Samus, who curled her panties as if she was at the gym. "Why are you doing this?" Samus asked the mute as she had her panties reach newer heights. Eventually, Samus felt the soft material touch her neck and shuddered to know her panties are more formidable than her power-suit. Still having some resistance lift, Samus bucked her body up, knocking Dark Samus over. Using this to her advantage, Samus got up and ran as fast as possible, which wasn't far.

Even though Dark Samus was knocked down, Samus' panties were still in its grip. Acting like a leash, Dark Samus pulled on the orange fabric and yanked Samus back, which caused her to fall on her butt. Walking up to the humiliated space hunter, Dark Samus wrapped her panties around her arms. Tying it in a knot, Dark Samus proceeded to use the excess fabric and pull it over Samus' face, hooking it on her chin. Pleased with its work, Dark Samus grabbed Samus' panties by the middle leg hole and dragged her around.

Wondering where Dark Samus was taking her, Samus feared the worst. It wasn't until she was pushed into a pod that Samus really explored her options. Hearing the pod door close, Samus felt it rock as it took off. Trapped in an atomic wedgie, Samus couldn't see where she was headed and only assumed it was a Sun. When she landed, Samus knew it was a space pirate hideout and expected them to rip her to shreds, but that wasn't the case either. Hearing people talk, did Samus finally realize where she was.

Feeling a pair of hands grabbing her panties and pulling them over, the first thing Samus saw was a camera filming her live. The greatest warrior the Galactic Federation has was found in an atomic wedgie with her arms tied. To make matters worse, this became the number one news story, and Samus couldn't even walk ten feet without seeing a picture of her in that atomic wedgie. "I swear the next time I see Dark Samus, I'll make her pay." Samus vowed as people crowded her to sign the newspaper cover with her in it.
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A rather well done story as usual hah

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Hahaha, I think that's an experience that samus will never forget, good story, thanks!
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Beautiful. Poor Samus :)

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked it 😊