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Sprightart. Ill be posting pics of WIPs and perler news. Plus fun and funny stuff. Just posted my next project WIP. If you happen to be my 100th follower Ill send you a free 4 pack of pegboards. Dont forget, we have a Facebook page too that I would love for you guys to post on.…
Just like I did with the 2000 page views I would like my watchers to pick what I make for hitting this mark. Last one was Samus. So let me know guys want and thanks again for all of your support. 
Thank you everyone for the support and I am happy you enjoy my beading. If anyone has a suggestion on what they would like to see me make for the 2000 pageview mark please feel free to let me know. Till then, keep calm & perler on.
I am now opening up for commissions. Please let me know what you would like and I can tell you a price for it. I dont plan on charging a great deal for these pieces. So im going to start @ $5/ peg board.