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How To Submit Art

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2007, 8:37 PM

:painter: How To Submit Art:
  • Once you have joined the group, you may then click on "Submit Art" and wait for approval of your submission from a moderator. Please try to submit to the right category so we can limit the amount of clean-up. Thanks!

PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING ART OF A GRAPHIC OR MATURE NATURE: Regarding art that is of an adult nature, please adhere to the deviantART rules and regulations. Please see "What is Mature Content?" for a more in-depth description. Mature rated submissions ARE acceptable, but pornographic material such as explicit photography and/or hentai (straight, yuri, and/or yaoi) are unacceptable and direct violations to the deviantART code of conduct. Please note that any mature rated submissions will be enforced and marked as "mature" when added to the gallery. Submission of unacceptable material (this includes, but not limited to pornographic material and/or hateful imagery involving race, religion, orientation, etc.) will not be tolerated and subject to permanent banishment from the club. Also please note that we do NOT wish to affiliate ourselves with any members and/or affiliates who support hateful material or any relation of the sort.

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