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Toyhouse || Artfight || SFW-FA || Adopts-FA || TOS

Genderfluid || They/She || 30s || ENFP || Pisces

I'm an independent illustrator that loves to draw fantasy & animals.

I like to play with styles, so if you see wildly different styles in the same gallery and labeled as mine, I assure you it's still me unless marked otherwise.

I do not condone or produce NFTs. If you see my artwork as one, please let me know.

BLM || LGBTQIA+ || Cringe Culture is Dead


"Little by little, one travels far." ~J.R.R.Tolkien

Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool SAI, Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M, Copics
Other Interests
LotR, animal photography, zoology, marine biology, palenontology

If I have drawn for you: You are welcome to repost for your own personal benefit AS LONG AS YOU:

  • Link back to either my page here or one of my accounts (preferably dA or TH).

  • Keep the basics of the artwork. You're welcome to minorly edit to better fit the character (i.e. change eye color)

  • Do not sell the artwork unless implicitly agreed upon.

  • Stay within my Terms of Service.

If you have drawn for me: You are welcome to post your art wherever you wish AS LONG AS YOU:

  • Link back to my page here or one of my accounts (preferably TH or dA) giving me credit for the character

  • Do not claim the character as your own.

  • Do not sell those pieces for profit unless express permission given

  • (Using as examples/ads for your work is fine and no permission needed)


Please Do:

  • DO shoot me a comment or pm. I do like talking to people, especially about my characters, character design, LotR, or paleontology. Just don't do "Hi" with nothing else.

  • DO look at all the folders inside of folders. Core is fun.

  • DO feel free to draw my characters as long as it goes with my character terms.

  • DO offer on things that are labeled "OPEN" in their title. If you see that I’m using a base, I may be open to do a custom. Non-base customs are often available too.

Please Do Not:

  • DO NOT claim any characters or art of mine as your own.

  • DO NOT steal/trace/heavily reference my art or characters.

  • Inspiration is okay if it’s far away from the original.

  • DO NOT make children/family of my characters without my permission.

  • DO NOT use my characters or art in any form of media without my permission. NO NFTS.

  • DO NOT use my characters in roleplay.

  • DO NOT offer to buy any characters not explicitly said to be for sale.

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Good evening, stranger on the interweb! :noes:

I have come to tell you that your artwork is fantastic. When I noticed it on the front page, I had to swing by and let you know, because I think more folks should be encouraged.

I would also like to let you know that your art is definitely getting noticed and is rising in popularity.

Have a wonderful, beautiful day. :la:

Thank you very much for the watch ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Happy early Birthday! :dummy::happybounce:

I really appreciate it :D

(Also thought I was already watching you?? Well now I am XD)

I thought I was watching you too???? XDDDD

Thank you for the watch back~💜

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