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And yeah, the upcoming eclipse re-skin for DevantArt is pretty fucking terrible...
The layout focuses on all the wrong things, it's obviously geared towards mobile screens ONLY. With no structure and everything is huge. You can't get a good overview of notifications anymore. Journals are completely sidelined. There is a freakishly large profile header that's empty by default. Serving no purpose but taking up screen-space. Intended for the kind of flashy, obnoxious, in your face advertisement kind of 'art' that I absolutely loathe.
I've been with DA for 13 years now. It started as a community geared towards non-main stream folks. It was a place for deviants. Now it's quickly becoming the opposite of what it once set out to be. Now it's getting more and more commercialized, PC, dumbed down and self-serving.
It's sad to see, but if things continue down this path, I might be joining the mass exodus of users going to other sites like pixiv.
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If you don't have any suggestion on how to improve things you think are bad. Then pointing them out is entirely meaningless.
Nobody cares that you think X is stupid. Why would they? You are just some random asshole on the Internet.

Either be constructive. OR SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

Every single time you say something rude on the Internet, without trying to be helpful or give some new and useful information. Then it is entirely unnecessary and you have just wasted your own time.
Being rude, just for the sake of being rude is not helpful to anyone. Not even to yourself. It will only make others see you as a bloody troll and think lesser of you.
Being rude does not make you cool. If you think that, then you are only deluding yourself. And that is sad.
Nobody likes a troll. Not even other trolls. So when you are being rude. The only thing you have achieved is to make everyone hate you and making their day suck a bit more. Congratulations, you have just made the world a slightly worse place to live in. For everyone.

The Internet is supposed to be for one thing. Sharing. Sharing things that are useful, meaningful or entertaining. Sharing things that make life just a bit better, easier, or happier.
That's what it is all about. If not, then you are doing it wrong.

And yes, Bondage is all about consent. I'm glad that you asked.

We're all just people trying to get along
We're all just people trying to make our way
We're all just people...
Trying to make it through another day
- Dropkick Murphys
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The Madness has reached it's peak, it's finals time!

Mila made it all the way through 5 grueling rounds, now she needs YOUR vote to win the crown as Queen of Bondage fakes!!

Join the fray in this venerable contest, 16 years running. Head on over to the United Bondage Fakers and cast your vote.
If you are a bondage fan, show your support for our muse Love 
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The test stream yesterday went alright, now let's see if we can do something productive. Maybe.
Just messing around with a live stream, beacuse who doesn't want to see that!

Anyway, I am gonna do my best to make the Internet a bit less coherent and sensible!

Feel free to stop by and say hi!


Actaully got a new fake done this time.
Thanx to everyone who stopped by, it was nice to see some familiar faces :)
Time to sign off for this time.

Comming on once again for a bit, just tinkering.

Maybe might have some time today to do a bit of fakery. perhaps. Anyhow, stop by and say Oh Hai! if you want to. If you don't, do it anyway!
Took me long enough, but I finally got another fake finished today.

Got to update my madness forum sig, two more of my girls are out of the running. Still have Mila in the race though!
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Apparently I now have over 1000 watchers on DA. So I guess some of you folks like my random outbursts of idle creativity.
But who watches the watchers? We'll I do. We're all watchers of someone. But we are also creators. Even if you don't have a habit of uploading your own creations to the glorious pile of junk that is the Internet, just showing someone your appreciation means you're contributing.
So thank you all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your works with the rest of us!
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I don't have anything against Patron subscriptions as an existing format. For some creators who regularly produce quality content, it can work just fine.
I might even consider subscribing to one or two of them.

But now-a-days everyone and their grandmother has a Patreon. And the grandmother has a Patreon for her cat.
I'm not going to shell out X amount of dollars a month to 20 different creators at the same time, just to get the odd drawing every now and then and a bunch of sketches maybe. I'm sorry but there are just too many of you guys...
I'm not made of money. I regularly have to pay most of my hard earned cash on bills, loans, insurance, and the services I use daily, and indeed charities. So I am VERY reluctant to sign up for any MORE regular fees whatsoever. It might look like just a dollar or two, but they pile up and over a year of paying EVERY month on a wide variety of subscriptions, it becomes a lot of money. So I have to pick the things I can support.
When I have money to spare, I have money to share. And that is not every single month of the year. Sadly.

Many Patreons are also way too vague. I won't pay money in advance if I don't know what I'm going to get. I don't pay money to be surprised.
And don't get me started on loot crates. That's the biggest scam ever. It boggles my mind how people willingly throw money away on endless piles of junk, just for the occasional odd cool trinket. Just go buy the damn trinket! Even people who defend them just hoard most of the stuff in boxes they are never going to open twice, or end up giving everything away. Let's face it, it's a lottery. Nothing else. And I don't waste money on lottery tickets.

Now there are plenty of artists and creators that make good stuff. And I'd like to support them when they make something I'm interested in. But most lone artists don't produce solid gold at a steady pace every single month. Even major companies struggle to do that.
If I pay a monthly fee and get something I like every third month or so. Then I'm not going to sign up for another. And another...

I'm not asking everyone to give up on Patreon. But you should realize it's not a format that works for everyone and you are missing out on a lot of fans who never get a chance to see your best work.
Consider setting up an alternative for buying single pieces or products as well. If you make 5 things and I want 2 of them, then I'll gladly pay for the 2. But you're not all getting a subscription out of me for those 3 items I don't want.
There are options you can use beside Patreon, to sell single items. like Oronjo. As a complement if nothing else.

On a similar note, many artists also create packs of 10 or 20 images to sell. Every time I see such a pack there is often a few images I'm interested in. And a lot fo stuff I don't care for at all. Every time I see a pack on sale with 2 really interesting pictures and 8 others I don't care about. I end up not buying. Simply because there are 12 other packs out there just like it that I'm also not buying.
I'd rather pay for single smaller packages of quality stuff. Then pay for lots of stuff I don't really care for, just to get at that one thing.

So what I want to say is. Don't just go for quantity and subscriptions, you'll just drown in a sea of content when everyone is doing the same thing. Instead give your fans more options to give you their money on their own terms.
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Hello all you BDSM people out there. Yes, you too over there in the corner.
The Benignly Deviant Sexy Majority.
Thats who you are. Everyone of you is a little bit different. And kinda weird. In your own wonderfull way. You are creative, kinky animals. The lot of you. If you are honest to yourself.
And you owe that to yourself. Be honest. Dare to think and feel. And dont be afraid. Being a little kinky doesn't make you strange. It just means youre human.

So lets celebrate our differences and learn something new from one another. Dont judge and point fingers. Because the first one you need to have a good look at is yourself. Yeah. That weirdo in the mirror. What a fool. But not such a bad person after all.

Lets make this the year where we can all be a little bit different. Together.

Happy new year!!

And thanx also for all the well wishes on my birthday, once again.

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As a fan of Bondage and DiD, I always have to stress the importance of the BDSM mantra: safe, sane and consensual. Something that should be obvious to any rational and sane person. But which is sadly not always understood. And to remind people of the difference between fantasy and reality.
Because the world is full of narrow-minded people, who do not want to understand. Who instead hold onto their narrow minded ignorance and fear of anything or anyone they see as different. Often afraid to even try and understand themselves and their own nature. We are all humans and fundamentally not all that different from each other. But we often like to think we are. That you are somehow better and smarter then everyone else. But why would you be?

The world is slowly moving towards increasing intolerance, extremism and bigotry. Which is truly troubling. The human race is striving backwards, actively undoing years of enlightenment, progress, increasing equality and respect.
We are stronger together then we are alone. Yet politicians become more and more detached from the world and isolating themselves, spreading hate instead of cooperation. While the people continue to allow it to happen. The internet generation, who have reaped the benefits of it's information and sharing on a scale unprecedented in human history. Have also become lazy and indifferent. Somehow thinking that burying our heads in cute cat videos will somehow make all the problems in the world go away.
How can the age of information breed such increasing ignorance and irrational behavior? Science is taken for granted while superstition increases. Somehow the more we know the less we want to understand.

Do not trust in blind faith. Open your eyes and learn from each other!
Do not trust in empty promises and short-sighted greed from raving lunatics. Look for facts and use reason to see the real world!
Ignorance is not bliss. In the words of a truly wise man:
knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."

I can only hope that the path ahead does not lead us into darkness and another collapse of civilization. It's happened before. Again and again throughout history. Senseless wars, corrupt systems and crashing economies. Don't think it can not happen again or that it can not happen to you. Because we never seem to learn and not repeat past mistakes. We only become wise, after the fact.
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It's Madness time again!

Vote for fun and games! Vote Jessica Nigri!

Mad16sigA by Bgagger

Vote for fan service! Vote Jessica Nigri!

Mad16sigB by Bgagger

At the United Bondage fakers. Where your favorite celebs get a taste of the ropes and gags they so well deserve.

March Madness is a fictional competition where UBF members campaign to crown the most beautiful girl, Queen of Bondage fakes!

Come join the crazyness:…

This year I'm supporting these lovely ladies:

Daisy Ridley…

Kaley Cuoco…

Natalie Portman…

Emilia Clarke…

Lauren Cohan…

Jessica Nigri…

So register on the forum and lend a hand by giving them your VOTE! It's easy as Pie! And you know you like pie...…
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Maybe I can manage another fake today.


Should stream a bit faster now.

Be sure to stop by and say hello :)

*EDIT* All done.

Stream shut down now, thanx again everyone who stopped by :)
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How about stream of bondage!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking of. Why? Because yes.

Well March Madness is here, so I guess it's faking season. At least over at the UBF. And I haven't done much faking this past year. Where is the time?

So while I sit down for a spell and work some fakir magic (or die trying! ), I thought I might as well stream while I work.
If you have any interest in beautiful women (especially Lauren Cohan), magic, faking, bondage, or not. Then feel free to stop by my channel (what, I have one of those?) and say hi.

*EDIT* Closing down now, thanx to those who stopped by!
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The fake is now pretty much done, if you didn't come by the stream you'll just have to wait to see it :)
Keep an eye on the UBF forum, and Vote Lauren Cohan and Emilia Clarke!……

That's all for this stream, it was fun, so I might do another sometime. If you want to see more live faking sessions, let me know.

On again now. trucking on.

Test successful, fake underway. Now, part 2 is on. Stop by and say hi :)

Part 1.
Testing out a streaming site. To see if we can get a live bondage faking session to actually work. Thought it might be fun to share.

Just messing around, so have no expectations, apart from an anticipation of turtles.
The result might be a fake of some kind. Or a half-assed impression of a mess. Who can say. Should be fun!

Feel free to drop by and say hi. You can sit and glare angrily. Or just discuss photo-faking in general and specifically.
Critique is welcome! I might even listen to suggestions, can't promise anything though, since I'm just a lowly faker. Not a miracle worker.

This is an experiment, the site does seem to pose problems for some, so let me know if you can't see any video.…

Also there will be turtles.
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It's that time of year again, when sanity takes a vacation and the celebration of famous female beauty, accentuated by delicious bondage comes to the fore.
At the United Bondage Fakers forum, March Madness 2015 is upon us...

So do your duty, sign up, head over to the Madness section:…

And Nominate whatever Female Celebrity you think is worthy of the prestigious (and slightly dubious) Crown UBF Queen for a year!

These ladies need your help:…
(Warning: Pictures may cause intense obsession)

So give them a nomination, they deserve to be properly recognized, worshiped and adored! Also to be depicted in Bondage ;)

You have until Saturday 28th to make nominations, before the real madness begins... So don't get angry, don't get confused, get mad!
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First a Big thanx to everyone sending well wishes on my birthday :-)

Hope you all have had a great christmas!

The past year has been a rough one, but the past few months have brought a lot of changes, all for the better for me.
I now have a chance to change my life, new opportunities and higher hopes for the future then I've had in many years. Things are finally falling into place.
Just goes to show that you must never give up, the only constant is change and bad things don't last forever.

So looking forward to a new year, let's all make it a happy one!
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As I keep having to repeat this, I'll post it here.

If you are a Nabber's Empire player please direct all your questions and concerns to the Nabber's Empire support forum.

That is Exactly what it is for... This Deviantart profile is not a Nabber's Empire support channel.

There may already be information there to answer your question in the first place. If not, simply post a question, or ask a moderator or even other players can help you.

The forum is linked at the top of the page when you are logged into the game. You can also find a link in your sign-up confirmation e-mail or on the in-game help page.

If you can not be bothered with the forum, then at least contact me by the e-mail linked on NE site's front page.
Thank you.
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We all have different faces that we put on when socializing in different groups. How you act at work can be very different from who you are at a pub with old friends. And that in turn is different from how you act if you visit a daycare center and sit down to play with a group of small children.
But none of these faces we put on changes us to the extreme that we do when we sit down behind a screen and talk to someone on the other side of the world, from behind an anonymous nickname. Because now, we have no face.

The Internet has changed us. Over the past 25 years, the information society has exploded. We live at a turning point in human history.
People say things on-line that they would never, ever, say directly to someones face. Because there is no direct consequence. You don't "have to" take responsibility for what you say anymore. Suddenly, people have no shame.
But you do have to think about what you are saying. The shit that comes out of your fingers as you type a message can have the same impact on someone that it would if you say it to their face. The only difference is that they can not punch you in the face for it. And you can't see them cry. So does this give you the right to not think before you say something?
No. It does not. You still have the same responsibility, to yourself. If you turn yourself into a monster. How will that make your life any better?

It never seizes to amaze me when people act like complete trolls on-line, but still defend their actions viciously. Most of the people who literally  everyone  else considers a troll. Does not think of themselves as such. They blurt out things that are utterly stupid, even humoruous at times. But still expect to be taken seriously.
Or in some cases, don't care at all about what people think of them. And yet they feel the need to tell everyone exactly how they feel.
If you don't care what someone thinks about what you say, why do you even bother saying it? If everyone else thinks the way you do, then nobody will care what you have to say in the first place...

A random hateful comment on, say a youtube video, signed "DarthBeercan". What weight does it really hold? To Darthbeercan, not much really. He probably forgot about it the next day. It did not really matter to him, because is just took a second to write and took no effort. So if what you're saying does not really matter. Why do you still have to say it?
To the one who uploaded the video who receives this comment, that casually tells them they are an idiot that should die in a fire and stop putting up worthless garbage. What weight does it really hold to them? If they spent a week of their lives carefully making this video, doing the best they could. How much does that one line matter to them?

We are all becoming increasingly lazy and increasingly impatient.

But when it is easy to destroy and much harder to build. How do you think this will develop if we keep getting more impatient, more lazy, more uncaring?
Uncaring. The only way to cope with this increasing mass of evil trolls, who do not consider themselves evil. Because nobody truly does think of themselves as evil. The only way to deal with this seems to be to become cold. To not take what people say to heart. To not care.

So the cycle is complete. People say stupid shit, because they don't care. And the people who have to put up with it, go on by not caring in turn.
So we end up with a society where nobody cares what anyone says and people say things that don't really mean anything.
Is that what we really want? To collectively become more detached to one another?
A world of short tweets that nobody cares about. A world where we don't bother to say thank you, we just click "like".

Sounds grim and simplistic. Doesn't it? Well, that's because it is.

The Net has at the same time brought us closer to people we would otherwise never have met. And it can make us say things that we are afraid to say face to face. We can open up and be honest in a way we find hard to do face to face. This can be a good thing. We can share in a new way. We can even find out new things about ourselves and broaden our world.

So how do we spin this new connected world in the right direction? How do we seize the positives off communication, instead of letting it slowly bury us?
The answer, as I see it is quite simple. There is only one rule you need to follow. No matter what you do on-line, on whatever device over whatever network.

Always think twice before you send.

It is really that simple. If you read what you just wrote again, and think. You may realize that what you wanted to say was perhaps not really that important. Does it really matter? Sure you found some dickbag on-line. But does calling him an asshat really change anything? It might piss the guy off. Sure. But what does that accomplish? If you start a flame war. Then congratulations. You just wasted your own time... As well as some screen space, perhaps the odd server space. You just contributed to the worthless mass of trolling we all wade in.
Was the thing you just typed constructive? Does it really add anything new? Is it useful to anyone, other then just letting off some of your steam?
Ask yourself, am I really saying something, or just spamming out empty words?
For the sake of? What. Why do you need to say this? Is this something I even want to say?

If you always ask yourself. What am I really saying? You can soon find out that you have a lot of answers to give yourself. If you just stop and let your brain catch up to what it is you are doing.
I don't always manage to live by this rule myself. I'm only human. For the most part.
Sometimes I make unnecessary lame jokes, sometimes I'm just tiered. But I try. That's all I can really do.
It helps to try and be less sloppy, do a spell check, go back and correct your hastily put together nonsense words. It always helps to actually say what you want to say. You can get words mixed up, or misspelled easily.

The point is, read your own words back to yourself. If they sound stupid, they probably are...

Maid for Bondage is still available now on (using Paypal) as well as DLsite.
For more details, please see the official game website:

(Yes, shameless plugging is something I need to say.)
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Thanx to everybody who sent well wishes on my birthday :-)

A lot is going on for me right now, but most of it is positive. So I'm really looking forward to next year. Things can only get better from here.

The re-design of the Nabber's Empire site has been well received. A new update with some additional features will come soon.
After that a new unrelated project may be started, but still to early to announce anything.
NE will be sailing on as usual though and the NE project will no doubt continue to develop in the future.
A big thanx to everyone who has donated and supported the project, it's because of you that we can continue running the site.

Maid for Bondage is still available now on (using Paypal) as well as DLsite.
For more details, please see the official game website:

Hope everyone has a had a merry Christmas (where applicable), and a happy new year to each and everyone of you lot :-)

And remember. A real man is strong when he needs to be, but gentle because he can.
So when a girl needs to be spanked, have a firm hand, then steal a tender kiss ;-)
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Maid for Bondage 2.0 is now available for sale via as well as DLsite.

Oronjo uses Paypal as payment solution.

Note however!
When you buy the game via Oronjo, there are NO REFUNDS and NO UPDATES included in the price. Your download link will only be available for one year after purchase, as per Oronjo policy.

For more details, please see the official game website:
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Time has caught up with me, I've tried to post a chapter a week on the Unity Wars story. But I won't make it this time.
It's a WIP and chapter 7 is still incomplete. I'll probably continue working on it, but yeah any regular schedule is out the window at this point.
Mostly it was a challenge to myself to see if I could deliver on a deadline. Not sure how many of you actually follow the story.

It's just an exercise in writing a genre I haven't done much. An idea that has seemed to take on a life of it's own. Usually I stick to self contained short stories, because I know I can actually finish them >_>
I know where the overall plot is going, so it might see a complete story arch in time.

Anyway thank you for reading and I do appreciate constructive feedback.
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A reminder that my website exists.
And that it has a gallery of things DA won't allow me to post here, for one reason or another.

Incidentally, new Eva coloring up.

Mind you, if you don't want to see adult stuff in the gallery, go under Menu -> Tags -> Clean
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