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Miu Nekode - Nasty surprise by Bgagger Miu Nekode - Nasty surprise by Bgagger
For the first time one of my OCs comes to life in a drawing :)
Line art by the talented Root001 :iconroot001: be sure to visit his profile for more excellent artwork and bondage fun!
Colored by yours truly.

See the first variant image here
Casual Miu

Miu always has some tricks up her sleeves, often quite literally. As she likes to hide knives, tools or various little gadgets in her clothing.
Miu is especially adept at and makes use of many forms of ninja weaponry, like throwing knives or darts, but specializes in the traditional claw weapons of her family. Ranging from climbing tools to bladed weapons such as various types of Tekkō-kagi.
Here sporting a set of Nekode Nails. A kind of metal thimbles with sharp spikes protruding from the top, like steel fingernails. An easily concealed weapon that can be stored in a pocket when not in use. Even when worn they can be hidden for surprise effect. Useful for intimidation, but in Miu's hands they can also be very deadly as she knows all your weak points intimately.

To the side is shown one of Miu's various masks she uses when on missions or simply hiding in the shadows as she is prone to do. They are often simple cloth hoods that can be tucked away handily. But this particular mask is used specifically for scaring the daylights out of someone, as need be. For intimidation or terror tactics. Most of her masks are simply an aid to remain unseen. So if you ever see this face emerging out of the shadows, you are in serious trouble...

For more info about Miu and the rest of the crew, see the Character overview:…
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November 5, 2017
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