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Noraneko no sutoritaimu (Stray cat storytime) by Bgagger, literature

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Gallery for colorings and manips too good for DA:

Celeb fakes can be found on the UBF:


If for some inexplicable reason, you want to buy me a beer:

If you are a Nabber's Empire player, post your questions or concerns on the support forum, or contact a moderator or admin there. That is exactly what it is for.

This Deviantart profile is NOT an NE support bulletin.

Also because people keep asking: "New registration slots open up from time to time, as many as we can currently handle. There is no recurring schedule so just keep an eye on the registration page." This has not changed.

Do not send me chain letters.

If you think it's a good idea, then you either don't know me very well or have yet to realize that chain letters are an abomination. So just don't. Thank you.

Favorite genre of music: Metal, folk, rock and Soundtracks

Operating Systems: Win 10 / Manjaro / Android

Music player of choice: Spotify

Shell of choice: Ghost in the shell

Wallpaper of choice: What's a desktop?

Red or Blue?: As long as it's not pink.

Weapon of choice: Electrical tape.

Thought of the day: "If it has less then 50% cacao solids, then it's not Chocolate, that's just cacao flavored sugar. 35% and they call it "dark chocolate". Bah! That's the sort of people who serve you water and call it 'beer', because it's sort of yellow-ish."

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
In Flames, Maximum the Hormone, Iced Earth, Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Dropkick Murphys, Lisa Miskovsky
Favourite Games
Total War: WARHAMMER, Elder Scrolls Online, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Atom
Just doing a bit of coloring.
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So that's it. We where given the choice to make enemies or be made into enemies. To hate or be hated. Sweden is now ending a 188 year old tradition of being neutral in war. A tradition that has never been forced upon us by anyone else. A tradition of choice. For 208 years Sweden has been at peace. Using our position as a third party to mediate and deescalate conflicts. Always promoting peace and stability in the world, leading by example. While whole nations have been leveled to the ground. Cities turned to nothing but smouldering rubble by bombs. People persecuted, enslaved and butchered. For what? The honour of planting a flag on a mound of dead bodies. Declaring countless broken lives as a victory. Having to spend a lifetime rebuilding among the broken ruins, just to get back to square one. Doesn't matter which side won. The reward is always ruins. That where once houses. Sweden has remained standing free while others have beaten each other to death. For a glory that is always
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Starting on some new fakes. Haven't done a fake in ages now. Stop by the stream if you want.
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Hey, man. How is it going? I remember playing NE a long while ago. Found your profile again here. You have some cool stories.

I'm doing pretty good, thanx for asking.

The NE project is still going, you're welcome to re-register if you want. There might be some new things going on since you last played.

I haven't written any new short stories in a while now. But I might find time to get back to it.

Hello! It's been ages since I followed Your DA page. Back then, You seemed focused on gamedev - what's Your current thing, if You don't mind saying?

Hello there!

I don't have time for a lot of stuff these days. But I do all sorts of bondagy things when I can.

The Nabber's Empire project is still running. Closing in on 10 years now and players are still RPing along. That's longer then most mainstream games last. We're still pretty much the only bondage themed MMO on the net though. Sadly. You would think that with the golden age of self published games, someone else would have had a crack at that particular nut by now. But who knows. 7,9 billion people might amount to something.

As for other games, well I'm not the only one who is busy.

I do some bondage fakes or coloring work from time to time. Not much writing of short stories lately, but I do RP on occasion.

Currently working on another piece in the Lisa and the Dragon series (that I can't show here on DA, because DA sucks). You're welcome to stop by the stream, I can probably sit down with that again sometime next week.

Links here:

Stay safe and kink on!

It's actually cool that 'The Nabber's Empire' is still a running thing after all these years. I also remember spending some nice time with 'Maid for Bondage'. It's good to have such devoted people like You still around in the community :) Take care!