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Kingdom Hearts Game boy demake

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Yeah, I felt like creating a demake for some popular 3D game, and for some reason, I went for Kingdom Hearts. At first I tried do it NES style, but couldn't get a good color-scheme going. So I went all "Screw them colors! I'm doing it gameboy style!" It went surprisngly good, but towards the end I decided to speed things up and skip some details.

Yeah, and those sprites are supposed to be Sora and Riku. Hope they are readable.

in normal size, and x2 because I just felt like it.

Sora and Riku belong to Squenix, but these sprites are custom made by me, so no stealing.
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koboldmasherStudent Artist
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stuarts-pixel-gamesProfessional Interface Designer
I looked at this again and it made me smile. Just loving the Gameboy nostalgia, the background sprites are really cool. It's amazing how such a simple sand tile pattern is so effective!
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this looks really good!  how is the project going?  email me at  I've been messing around with this style of art lately.  let me know if I can give you a hand in any way.  never made this type of mod but it looks like it could be challenging and fun!

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I think a PS1 demkae would be more fitting.
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Vyctorian Digital Artist
Pretty awesome, I could imagine playing it like this
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VoltzVisualStudent Digital Artist
Very cool! I wondered what KH would look like on an earlier game system. This reminds me somewhat of Goof Troop for the SNES, which had Zelda-like gameplay.
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SalLongswordHobbyist General Artist
This looks awesome. I've been downloading and looking at demakes a lot lately.
In fact I'm making my own > [link]
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totally sweet graphics
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Thanx :)
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the bridge looks like the ones from the pokemon games :P
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Chaosvii7Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great idea. You should totally make something like this on a ROM or in Game Maker or something, I'd play it.
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Thanx. If I had the time, I'd love to make a game out of this. But that won't be happening anytime soon, I'm afraid. But there's always future projects... :)
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HHogHobbyist General Artist
The beach reminds me a bit of Link's Awakening. =)
Nice sprite remakes! Wonder how the battles would work on the GB, though...
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Yeah it probably wouldn't work at all, unless they made it just like Links Awakening. One button for keyblade attack and the other for whatever skill you set to it(guard/dodge roll). Hold them for a few seconds to use special attacks.

Hey, it could actually work...:)

The music would take a hit, although I'd love to hear some KH tunes on a gameboy sound chip :D
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razalcat34Student Traditional Artist

I'm kind of thinking the game would work better as a 2D platformer. (Or maybe something like Adventure of Link or, to a lesser extent, Four Swords Adventures.)

But nice pixel art!

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And Select to set the command from Attack to Magic or Items.
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