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Jon Irenicus by CG-Zander
BG: True lady by Smilika
BG: Duality by Smilika
Vi/Xan by Alteya
The Bhaalspawn
Loss  by SmallRedRobin13
Marikal and Namirelda by TariToons
Bellany 2 by cubehero
Bellany by cubehero
The Companions and Characters
Baldur's Gate 2 - Haer'Dalis by s0ulafein
Baldur's Gate 2 - Aerie by s0ulafein
Baldur's Gate - Imoen by s0ulafein
Aerie's Expressions by jack177
The First Kiss by Shade-of-Stars
Kivan and Keyria by Isbjorg
Sudden proposal by SailorLi
BG: Please, let the rain... by Ant-Agony
Comics and Memes
BG comics: ch.1 p.3 /eng/ by mariatresh
Romantic as Hell by SailorLi
Annoy 06 by konratius
Annoy 05 by konratius
Red dragon by KiraraDesign
BG Leaving Candlekeep by LilianneRozess
'I can see you...' by KiraraDesign
C: A Neglected Existence by Meramii
Baldur's Gate: To Make A Killing - Chapter 1 by VAEisenberg
Cosplay and Crafts
LEGO Jon Irenicus, Bodhi, Amelyssan Minifigs by Saber-Scorpion
LEGO Baldur's Gate II Hero Minifigs by Saber-Scorpion
BG Quartett or Trump cards 2.1 by TariToons
Crocheted Cleric Wool Wizard by hawk-flight
A meeting in Rashemen by TariToons
Baldur's Gate World Map - Whole by Shade-os
Nashkel - trouble in paradise by Syntia13
Baldur's Gate 2 - Beholder by Sarosna85
Baldur's Gate Doodles by TariToons
Baldur's Gate Quartets and Top Trumps v3.1 by TariToons
Soul Eater and Bhaal Sorceress by whitecanvasdigital
Legends of baldur's Gate
Dungeons and Dragons #2 Page 2 by nelsondaniel

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Read the submission rules before posting your artwork!

We're fans of awesome game- Baldur's Gate. Join us and spread Forgotten Realms over the world! For information look below.

Submission Guidelines: Since this group was created to collect the BG artwork from all over dA, there are no restrictions on quality, just submit them into correct folder in the gallery. Maybe in the future, I'll add some mandatory quality guides.
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Fan Club

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Written by Orionali

Beamdog's BG forums!


About the club:

Folders are explained above.

Members can submit up to three-five pictures a day, granted they are in correct folder and have something common with the BG series. All (nearly) types of works are accepted here. Unfortunately, the submission expire in a week (but that will never happen actually; we have an awesome staff that stalks this group's activity. Hehe.) Favorites are unlimited. So without further ado... enjoy, and browse our gallery!


Game Information

This is a group of BG fans, so enjoy surfing through our gallery, where people feature their works and fanarts. Every kind of work is appreciated, not depending on the quality (but we have some restrictions of our own) so don't be shy to submit your piece of personal art. :)

Baldur's Gate was one of the earliest Bioware's and Black Isle's creations, which featured over 100+ hours of gameplay, lots of interactions, side quests and unique items. It's an RPG genre and forever twisted the RPG industry - not surprising that the recent Bioware game Dragon Age is claimed to be 'a spiritual succesor to Baldur's Gate' even though fans thought that there were some details missing.

Currently last BG game was released in 2002 (Throne of Bhaal addon) and the trilogy is at its end. But there are rumors and gossips that claim, that an unknown company (Obsidian?) works on the third installment, there's even a separate forum at GameBanshee and various topics elsewhere.

Game also featured all-party combinations, that allowed players to literally combine party members, enjoying their interactions and personal quests.

At the moment, Beamdog is working on HD-remakes and even possibly Baldur's Gate 3! Hope everything will go just as planned, considering they have some contract/license problems... Fingers crossed!
Hello folks, long time no hear! Great to see that you are still active. I'm so happy that you guys still create fanworks for our fandom and I hope you won't lose interest in BG in the nearest time, because...well... we still want to see your gorgeous arts!

Anyway, I wanted to ask - Have you played Siege of Dragonspear? How do you like it? Did you enjoy the game or get bored quickly? Do you think the gap between BG1 and BG2 was even necessary to fill with SoD? Please, share your opinions, because I'm very curious about them! maybe we can pass over the whole drama that we know about, okay lol.

I, myself, bought the game this week (tbh I waited a little bit because I didn't really want to see all the bugs) and I'm gonna give it a try, even tho I didn't enjoy Enhanced Edition quests. Welp!

Or maybe you don't want to play it? Why not?

- Pridek -

PS. Wow I also changed icon for the group, hope you like it! But suggestions welcomed if you want to change something :heart:
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